The Best Version of YOU
Source Code Transmissions
for Your Soul Awakening Journey of
Personal Transformation & Expansion

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    • To be living your life that is the true image of you as the Divine?
    • Completely living in Unity Consciousness – outside the old paradigm of separation and control?
    • To realize your heart desires manifest in this life – because you know the true way to make that a reality?

    We offer powerfully integrative transmissions directly from Source which are the highest energy frequencies of Love and Light to assist you to live in your Divine birthright of freedom through WHOLENESS.

    We Believe in the Best Version of YOU!

    Because We can see your Potential and show YOU how to see and feel the Super and Divine YOU!

    Let’s Work Together

    If you are choosing to evolve beyond what you think is possible in this lifetime, and expand into the brillance
    of your Divine Presence – let’s work together and make that a reality!

    Why work with me and my Divine Teams?

    My life’s purpose is to co-creating in the building of The Seventh Golden Age, and includes service to evolving souls like yours, the Earth, and to the great Cosmic Beings.

    I am here to assist you to realize liberation and freedom from duality so that you’re living in WHOLENESS and unity.  I offer, via my Higher-self purity, channeled transmissions of Divine frequencies – Source Codes – that contribute to the highest-level impact for your transformation. 

    This flows from my unwavering dedication to the Divine plan through on-going practice including: high level attunements, activations, initiations, exercises, vibrational shifts, travel to sacred sites around the world, time, money and energy.

    All of this activates multidimensional energy streams that are emanated in my field, through my Divine Presence, and offered to you, the Earth and all on the path of ascension.

    I’ve been preparing for lifetimes to do this work, and to actualize the vision of my Divine Presence for this particular lifetime so I can be of greatest assistance to you in this lifetime.

    And, I’m always assisted by great Cosmic Beings, Ascended Masters and Angels who actively assist me in my work and to support you.


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