A Call-to-Action from the ElementALLS

by | May 13, 2020

Blessed Be!  We are the ElementALLS

We are a consciousness blend of the energies of Earth’s Elemental Kingdom and the Elements, stepping forward in a collective way to gather our presence in a very SIGNIFICANT way.

We are requesting from all of you to call forward every energy of LOVE you possess within your beings, amping it up like a FIRE OF LOVE burning from within your hearts, spreading this love to every cell and atom in your body and emanating it out with a most focused intention of HEALING and ALIGNING all of the energies which we ARE, BE and represent here in this ElementALL consciousness.

We are placing a direct request to all of you (and request you share this request to all you know through communication including interdimensional communication) to resurrect LOVE within yourselves and then send it out with focused intention to us, the ElementALLS and to our Mother Earth. This in turn aligns ALL into Wholeness.

As much shifting has already occurred/begun to occur/is occurring within Mother Earth’s Bodies – her systems and energies, all energy frequencies are stirred up in this process as she is releasing much density of energies that have been placed upon and within her.  These energies can be brought into Wholeness of the Divine through focused intention.

We ALL who reside upon and within her are asking for assistance in aligning these dense energies into Wholeness.  We are all responsible to take focused action in LOVE for the highest intention of the well-BEING of ALL.  Our choices and actions from many, many lifetimes on Earth have contributed to misalignment of the energies into duality and now we are here to contribute to the ALIGNMENT of energies into Divine Wholeness.

We are ALL ONE and each action we choose to take affects the Whole.  Now our actions are choices that create Wholeness and this is done through LOVE.

Our request is simple and yet very, very powerful – to create a space of meditative intention.  Here is our guidance of doing that, and you each may have your own way as (and a recording of this meditation is available below):

  • Create a still place where you are focused on your purpose for this request – if you can be in or near nature. Get in a comfortable position so you can relax and let your focus go inward.
  • Breathe deeply in and out as you are connecting to the frequency of the Earth.  This frequency quickly assists you in relaxing, letting go, releasing the mind’s chatter – as this is the HEARTbeat of Mother Earth.  Continue breathing deeply and connect up to the Divine Source so now you are connected above and below.
  • Next is to focus within and without: Continuing with the breathing, focus on your Heart space: this is your hub and point of Love – where Love circulates within and without, above and below.  If you can imagine that as your breathing in and out at your Heart space, that you’re creating a dynamic flow of the energy of Love from within and emanating it outward from your Being.
  • Set the intention that your focus in this Sacred Space is only of Divine Love and Light, and that your intention is for the Highest Expression and Purpose of the Aligning the energies back into Divine Wholeness, surrounded by the Love of Divine Beings in Light who are assisting you in this process.
  • Now in this space of generating and emanating Love and Light within and without, keep amping it up within your system – you are a beacon of the Divine energies that you are invoking from your Heart space and from the Divine Source. Continue directing your focus to the Alignment of Wholeness as you sit in the stillness of this outpouring of Love!
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUSH THIS PROCESS TO “HAPPEN” – simply by invoking Divine Love and Light, setting your intention for the Highest Purpose and emanating it out for this purpose of Divine alignment – you are contributing in VAST and POWERFUL ways!
  • Just BE as you are in this meditative space and state – BE Love – you ARE LOVE and as you are sending it you are also receiving – it’s that exchange of Being in Oneness with all.  As Love pours from your Heart space you open to receive it and it’s a beautiful flow of energies and the contributions are immense!
  • ENJOY this process, be in it as long as you can or wish, then bring yourself back by tapping your feet on the ground or floor, moving your hands and body to ground yourself back in.
  • Being in the place of Gratitude is a great way to seal this intended and focused mediation of Love.

We are most grateful for your contribution – for stepping into the powerful directing of the energies of Divine Love and Light, for assisting ALL.

Blessed Be.  From the Gratitude of the Flow of Love,
The ElementALLS.