3/19/2020 Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere at 23:49 or 11:49pm
Blessings of cheer and cheerfulness – and we know you are that Cosmic Being of Light, Ascended Master on the Earth Star that holds at your very essence those codes of joy and delight and we are so delighted to be with you here and to communicate with you in this way, and with all who hear this message – blessings and greetings to you all!
We stream through now as a collective of energies that make up the Beings of Light which you refer to as Elementals, Divas of the Earth.  We know that your intention in talking with us today is to bring through a message of good cheer as the Northern Hemisphere of your Earth Star is indeed celebrating the Spring Equinox – the time in your dimension of equal daylight and night.  This is the transitional plinth of moving from winter: resting, expanding within, reflecting to energies of vibrancy that come with more sunlight as you – and as we in our incarnate form experience the warmth of the sun and longer “times” of Light. 
As all are Love and Light, you can think of this as renewal, up-leveling, expanding, birth and growth.  And this is the energy of the Trees stepping forward in a collective stream.
And we in our Earth existence are also in the time of resting in the colder, darker winter months – yet as there is resting there is always evolution and renewal going on energetically.  Our roots are deep within the Earth and we also communicate with our species through our root system (as well as our branches and physical tree form above the Earth surface).  And we wish to convey that you too, are always in that state of evolution and renewal.  There is not a stagnancy – except for that is perceived through your mind, body or emotions.  And as there is continual evolution, there is growth. 
We know that it may seem that you often take a step forward and two steps back, yet even in these times of “challenge” is growth, is renewal – is your own evolution.  The blanket of heaviness that weighs upon you is often weight that you are carrying that is not even yours – it does not belong to you, but has been accepted as yours through the collective belief system of consciousness.  And when you find yourself in a state (or a place of Being) that feels heavy/weighty – we wish to offer our energies of renewal.  We continually assist each other as we, in our incarnate tree form, are growing on the Earth.  We have self-renewal systems, yet when the energies are in our earthly environment are “heavy” (and by this we mean more condensed in form than our vibrant and aligned ways of Being), we are here to assist each other through our root system and even through communication of our energies through our multi-dimensionality.
And Dearest Ones, we offer this to you.  All you have to do is request our assistance or just have the intention, because as the law of universe exists – there is free will and so we work together if that is what you choose.  Many times you do choose, even on an unconscious level, because you too are multi-dimensional.  As with all of your consciousness – you are either Being in a state of “conscious” or “unconscious”.  When you are conscious you live your life with intention.  We do see many of you – and are so delighted when many of you consciously greet us when you are in nature. 
Some have their abilities of their multi-dimensional communication turned on and then see, sense, feel or have a knowing of us while out for a stroll in nature, when looking at pictures of us, or even when in mediation – and such a sense of Love is communicated between us.  Others just acknowledge our buds popping, the beautiful smell of our flowers, the shapes of our leaves and branches, the moss that is growing upon our bark and this is how the communication goes that Love is given and received!  We are here!  We love your hugs!  Even if they are just through intention!  When you stand near or even up against our trunks, we offer you rooting of your energies into the Earth so that you feel grounded.  In mediation, you can call upon us to help you ground into the Earth.  We are asking Denise to record a connecting and grounding mediation with us, so that will also be available to you to feel our energies. 
And so we wish to offer to you our energies to assist you in removing the weight and heaviness of your energies in your daily life.  We make the suggestion that as spring continues – as we step over the plinth from winter, that if you choose to, consciously acknowledge us with unspoken or spoken word, a smile, a stream of love from your heart – and we promise that you will feel a shift in your energies to a more grounded and lighter space.  Know that the buds of our leaves and flowers – if heard audibly and taken with the wind as a song – would be the most angelic sound!  Know that our scents are also a frequency that assists you in “lifting your spirits” and that our colors are such an aligning frequency of love as well.
We wish the greatest love and light to you all, and to our Dearest Channel of Light, Denise we send love and gratitude for conveying our messages out to the world.