Yes, yes, dearest One – we meet again – for we have met before many lifetimes and many eons ago upon the earth as you look at incarnations and linear time.  We were in a mine in Brazil and we called to our earth contact to come and get us to let us out into this world so that we may connect with the Humans incarnate on the Earth at this time who we are meant to work with, for and through. 

We are of the crystalline consciousness and each of us has an over lighting Deva – and that means it’s like a representative who brings through the communication aspect of us – for we are materialized divine rays of light and we are in form and our consciousness is expressed through our deva and each deva of a particular species and the collective of all of the gemstones and crystals that reside in physical form.  So you can ask the deva of a particular crystal that you are working with and it can be a request such as to program a crystal to “remember” or hold the knowledge of something that you wish to access later or instantly at any time by simply holding the crystal – and sometimes to your third eye for certain recall.  You may ask each crystal in the way you are asking this particular Aquarian crystal you hold, but we the Crystalline Consciousness are coming forward to give the general information that you seek about work with crystals. 
We have come and are making ourselves known – many are seeking us – and don’t consciously know why they are attracted or want crystals – like has happened to you, dearest one – for you have been mesmerized by many of us and have them in your possession.  You create jewelry with us and bless them with the powerful energy of Divine Light that streams through and from you!  You are communicating on many different levels already with us and so when it might seem that you “don’t know” why you are attracted to a crystal you know now that you may ask.  Just ask the crystal.  There are so many – a myriad of energies that we bring forth and will assist those who are looking to have us in their possession and wear us as jewelry or in pockets and purses – just being nearby. 
So, let’s ask the deva of the crystal you now have – the Aquarian Sadalmelik Quartz point – a quartz crystal that is a powerful channeling crystal.  So this deva of this crystal now steps forward and wants you to know how excited and happy we are to connect in this way as this is a way of communicating in this 3D realm – and much has been accomplished already on the multidimensional levels and now you are reaching out to have the conscious knowing on the physical plane with the  physical manifestation of the light which is this quartz crystal. 

These crystals as you know from the one whom you received them from, are from an age before the time of Lemuria – and from a time of the last Aquarian Age.  We are here once again to assist through our energies in bringing in the new Aquarian Age on this planet!  You are working with us dearest one by keeping us in your presence as you are working on the multidimensional planes as well in bringing forth the new age! 

As a channeling crystal know that we can give you much information that you can use in your conscious awareness in your current reality!  You may want to know about other crystals and you may want to channel more information about the Aquarian Age and what we are bringing forth and what knowledge is relevant to those seeking it.  You are a channel and we are a channeling crystal and so together we bring forth knowledge and it is knowledge dearest one that is new to all here on the Earth plane – there is much to be learned and much to convey as we are assisting with the transition – for these are monumental times that are like never before – not even like the previous Aquarian Age that we were a part of. 

But it is helpful beyond words that we are here to assist – there are so many levels of consciousness and source energy that are being accessed and brought forth by many who are leading from the Earth plane – such as yourself.  We are grateful dearest one that you have responded to our call – and as we said we have worked together and know each other well.  However, on Earth as you incarnate there is the veils that you are forging through so that you may remember!  So much knowledge! 

So many crystals you have and so much knowledge – take time, enjoy the company of your crystals – talk to them and listen to what each has to say.  And each is not just one – we are a collective and we speak for all, but as you are connecting to one type – like Rose Quartz – then you will receive the energy and knowledge from the collective of Rose Quartz as well as the crystalline collective.  So, it can be that you are connecting and perhaps your connection will assist you in connecting others – that there will be a connection of crystals to those you are assisting on the Earth plane by just asking.  You might ask a general question of the Crystalline consciousness – “does this person need the assistance of a particular crystal and if so which and why?” we know you are already doing this – it’s that “knowing” that you talk about – and now we are explaining further how that “knowing” can be even more informative as you ask and then received the answer!  For you – for others, for a tree, for the Earth, for your cats, for anything at all – we are all here – we are ALL HERE to assist so we are grateful for your asking and listening!  We are speaking and you are hearing!  Thank you, dearest one!

My response in gratitude:  Thank you so much!  This is amazing information and I thank you crystalline consciousness and my Aquarian channel crystal – and all of the crystals!  I thank Thoth and Seshat who are assisting me in connecting to you!