I’ve always been connected to dragonflies (and of course the first part of their name is “dragon” – so you see all is so synchronistic).  Dragonflies follow me as I ride my bike, they appear in droves and dip and fly near me when the season is warm.  I once had a damselfly land on my hand!)

Once I saw a huge green dragonfly on a bush in my yard and that particular Being had ONE EYE in the front of her face – and I took a picture and that picture disappeared from my phone – because it was a miracle and magical gift for me to see – it was at the time the sign that my third eye was about to open! 🙂

I connected to a dragonfly living in the wilds of Alaska and got a beautiful and delightful message about them.  I first tapped into their energy – so ethereal, wise, gentle yet here for a purpose (of course – as we all are! 🙂  I could feel that heart connection as I tapped into her energy!

Here’s the convo:
Me: Dearest Dragonfly, what would you like to share with me?

I like it here in Alaska, and I go easily between dimensions, and yes – into Inner Earth also (which we know you were wondering about 🙂  We are here living for our soul purpose as you are here (doing).  We weave energy light for the Earth- through the air – and this is assisting Earth and her ascension.

Me: I can see light weaving like grids when you describe this – it’s beautiful, thank you!

Yes – so amazing and Divinely beautiful – our wings have beautiful lattices and designs and this is just an example of what we weave as we fly through the air.  You will see these beautiful light designs when you ascend to higher frequencies.

Me: I see you around me – in the areas where I ride my bike, by the pool, when I visited Disney, always and everywhere I see you – I love this connection with you and a sense of our relationship from a higher self and past life experience?

You can see from your question the very answer that time doesn’t exist and we do know each others’ energies well – we exist as friends and as the same Creator energy – you feel our dragonfly energy because we share it together..

Me: This so warms my heart, thank you! 🙂  And, I want to ask, are you and your species doing OK despite the pollution that mankind has created that affects the air?

We are aware of this energy of what you call pollution, and we see its affects upon the Earth, but we see the evolution of this too – and we are easily able to avoid those energies because we move throughout dimensions – so we are not affected by it, you see.  This make it easy for us to do our work for the Earth and her evolution.  We do exist here on Earth – above and in Earth and her many dimensions – and we are also from other universes and exist there as well.

Me: Thank you for our chat!!  I send my love and appreciation to you and all dragonflies everywhere!! 🙂

[Light Language (scribed in writing).]