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12/12/23 Portal Event

at 12pm EST on Tuesday, 12/12/23
you’re invited to celebrate in this Galactically JOY-full transmission experience!

Year-end Galactic Virtual Party (Free Admission)

Come for your Gifts! 🎁

12/12/23 is the Portal gateway opening for the massive influx of high consciousness energy flowing in and through the 12/22/23 Solstice portal. During this gateway, there’s great amplification of high frequency consciousness that magnifies our Divine potential.

This annual alignment floods the Earth with such high-frequency Light, that many souls wake up from their slumber of separation. In addition, this year on 12/12 we have the supporting New Moon and Mercury Retrograde Energies.

We are gathering on zoom to consciously harness these highly evolutionary energies that present opportunities to expand your conscious awareness of your connection to your star origins and open up the most JOYFUL states of Being.

Quantum leaps in consciousness are made available
within the portal doorways of the monthly repeating date number patterns.
When there is a focus upon these portals each month, through the Light Collective, there is a drawing in of high dimensional Source energies – and the expansion of them that creates evolutionary change.

How does this assist you?

  • Expanding your consciousness into higher states means that you create and co-create with more rhythm and flow
  • You are attuned to being in more present states of awareness, and therefore come from your place of aligned inner power and sovereignty
  • Deeper calibration to your Higher-self so you can tap in with exceptional clarity to design your life (outer reality) to one that is a true reflection of your Divine (inner/heart) self
  • An up-leveling of your crystalline energies to be deepening into your states of Cosmic Beingness

How we’ll be partying:

  • Clear residual energies that no longer serve, going forward into the New Year, so you can be feeling lightness in more now moments

  • Tap into your deepest level of JOY from your within your heart so you’re unstoppable in moving forward in your life in what resonates most with your inner-truth

  • Tapping in for clarity to discover a very unique gift that resides within that is just waiting to emerge

Other Amazing Reasons to Join Us:

  • Connection to others, as this group community comes together to amplify the highest intentions, and to contribute to an outpouring of JOY to the world
  • Join me and my Divine Team including The Galactic Numerology Council of Light for this powerful and empowering activation of Light Codes that support you in harnessing the most evolutionary energies available at this time in the Earth’s evolution
  • BONUS: Included with the transmission is the Energy Vortex Container. When you participate in this transmission (either live for the event or tune in later to the recording), you are also part of a powerfully nourishing Energy Vortex Container from 12/12/23 to 12/22/23 to further amplify and alchemize the magnificent creations of your intentions and the group intentions.
  • Our Event is on 12/12/23 at 12pm EST   $FREE

Note: If you can’t make it live, be sure to Register to receive the recording
Then, when you tune in, you’ll still be receiving all of the energies of the transmission,
as well as being included in the Energy Vortex Container.