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🦋 Expand Beyond Your Limits 🦋

Soar into your life’s next evolutionary expansion!

Thursday, June 22 at 10am EST

75-Minute Live Group Workshop on Zoom $44
(with recording if you can’t make it live)

Join the Galactic Numerology Council of Light in this group transmission, and come to this workshop ready to step into new territory in one or more areas of your life. Open your wings of freedom!

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant in certain areas of your life?

Does it feel like something deep inside wants to break out from limiting beliefs that seem to be weighing you down (holding you back)?

Can you feel, or do you have this inner-knowing that something wonderful is budding in your life and wants to burst into full blossom?

In this 6th month of June, we will utilize the energy of the number 6 (and it’s multiples and many other numbers) to explore the expanse of energies that are wanting to come in to assist you at this very pivotal time of this year and in your life.

And, we are utilizing this powerful Solstice portal to integrate the cosmic consciousness pouring in during this evolutionary gateway.

Come ready to release and receive as the Galactic Numerology Council of Light steps forward with an empowering transmission, including energy shifting and lifting Light Language streams of high vibrational consciousness.

Receive a showering of supportive and nourishing frequencies of Divine Light and Love to move into the newness of you!

  • Move beyond limiting fears so that you can step into the next evolution of your life
  • Increase the joy in your life and see how this new-found freedom of limitations keeps you in more moments of that joy
  • Extend into more areas of your multidimensionality

I invite you to this powerful GROUP ZOOM event that is happening on:
THURSDAY, June 22, 2023 at 10am EST.​

🦋 Expand Beyond Your Limits 🦋

75-Minute Live Group Masterclass on Zoom 

(with recording)  $44