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Supporting Your Ascension and Evolution

You’re invited to join!  See the details below…
Be part of events with communities of like-hearted souls

This event is complete. Recordings are available to purchase.

Ready to stop being the best kept secret, and instead raise your voice above the crowd and become fully visible as the powerful and prosperous coach, healer, guide or leader that you truly are?

Feeling called to use your influence to create connection and community in a world longing for leadership fueled by LOVE and empowerment—stepping fully into CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP?

Then I’ve got a special opportunity for you!

My friend Danielle Hoffman, her guides and an expert panel of conscious leaders (including yours truly) have curated a 5-Day masterclass series…

Conscious Leader: Fully Occupy Your Seat on the Leading Wave

January 22 – 26, 2024

Over the course of  5 days we will share with you the exact energetic roadmap, spiritual truths and physical plane strategies we and our clients have used to lead our spiritual global movements staying firmly in our zone of genius and highest contribution.

It’s our gift to you.


Embracing Our Galactic Self​
Online Global Event

Are You Ready ?

Are You ready to REMEMBER Your deep authentic cosmic truth?  Are You ready to RECLAIM Your sovereignty as divine humans?  Are You ready to CATAPULT into Your amazing quantum reality?  What is Your Heart telling you?

I’m delighted to be one of the featured speakers in COSMIC TRUTH. The topic I’ll speak about is:
AWAKEN to the WHOLENESS of you with The Galactic Numerology Council of Light.”

All topics presented in COSMIC TRUTH are designed to upgrade ourselves into higher and higher levels of awareness, coming back into our sacred Truth and claiming Our power back as magnificent celestial beings, Together expanding humanity’s consciousness at this momentous time on our planet.

​💫 Galactic Numerology
and Crystals 💫​

Join us on your path to awakening!  Learn more about Crystals as multidimensional Beings and how they are Companions to Galactic Numbers.