In this highly evolutionary 12-month journey you will transform your consciousness and experience your deepest and most sacred connection to Source thus far in your lifetime. This expansion and evolution of your soul blows the lid off of separation consciousness and fast-tracks you into Unity Consciousness. Thus, you become the creator of your life, the one that is fully resonant to who you truly are, and in alignment with your purpose, path and mission.

All areas of your life: your relationships, health, abundance, spiritual path all become transformed as you utilize these Galactic Numerology Activation tools as energy of creation. Your inner connectedness to your higher-self/I AM Presence is greatly strengthened and expanded, and becomes your compass to create the life that you desire. Magical and synchronistic events flood into your life to continue to guide you on your path.

Here’s What’s Included:

The Galactic Numerology Program is a soul and life-expansion experience through the Activation transmissions of the new Sacred Number frequencies – as well as ascension soul path coaching and cheer-leading through channelling of The Galactic Numerology Council of Light, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and Angels- as you integrate these energy tools to transform your life.

Experience Galactic Numerology:

  • You have access to the audios for each of the Galactic Numerology Activations to listen to on your own
  • You’ll be within the bespoke energy container created just for you to support you as you activate and integrate these high vibrational energies
  • We’ll meet for all sessions on Zoom – all recordings posted to a private group web page.
  • 12-Month Program participants receive the full Galactic Numerology Divination Deck.

The Galactic Numerology Activations and Energy Vortex are the CORE
of this program and journey into these evolutionary energies of WHOLENESS and Unity Consciousness

Galactic Numerology encompasses pioneering Sacred Number frequencies, uniting your humanity with the WHOLENESS of your cosmology, enabling you to embrace your authentic Divine uniqueness.

When you’re in conscious connection with the elements of your cosmic origin –  your signature energy matrix that makes up what and who you are is strengthened, and you become an empowered creator.


Each year, I offer a limited number of spots for one-to-one personalized Galactic Numerology Journeys.
This is a bespoke one-to-one soul evolution experience with me and the Guides
-to assist you in creating your most incredible life! This is powerfully transformational, fun and magical!

Year Program One to One Journey


12-Month One to One Program Roadmap and Treasures

  • Transformation, Empowerment, Inspiration, and so much more!
  • All Galactic Numerology Number ACTIVATIONS 0-44, the complete Galactic Numerology 44 Codes of Awakening
  • 45 Live Mentoring, Coaching & Channeling Sessions 75-minutes each on Zoom
  • All Crystal Companion Transmissions 0-44
  • Private Webpage documenting your entire journey
  • Intuitive channeled messages
  • Divination to support each Galactic Number Activation
  • Customized Bespoke Energy Vortex for the year’s journey
  • This amazing journey is YOUR customized one to one program, with Denise, Divine Cosmic Alchemy and the Galactic Numerology Council of Light and Divine Team. Everything you require is channeled through for you from dimensions of the highest Love and Light
  • NEW!  Complete Galactic Numerology Card Deck for all Numbers 0-44

1 Year 1:1 Program Investment: $24,000
🌟(Payment Installment Options available)

Here’s what a client shares about her transformation:

The Activations are the most potent thing in my toolkit right now, and the numbers are working with me so perfectly!  These highly evolutionary transmissions meet me where I’m at, and each Galactic Number Activation encodes WHOLENESS within me, they are already active in me, and when the numbers come forward for me, it sparks those particular energies. These activations are the elixir, the balm that my system is requiring right now with where I’m at, it always meets me right where I’m at – I’m never like “I’ve heard this/I know that” – because it’s constantly evolving with me. It’s like when you read a sacred text, you can read it over and over and over and it’s never the same text. That’s how the Galactic Numerology Activations are, there’s something new in them – they just keep giving what is necessary or required in my life. They are the support that I need to get me on the next step on my journey -it’s a confulence of Divine Magic that’s at play. The perfect numbers come forward to reveal so much magic that is synchronistic with my life and as I’m living my life – it’s a show just for me, this is how it really, really works – it delights me! These are the yummist, best kept secret – and they need to get out into the world – they are needed in the world to assist people in their evolution and to live their best life.”

🫱 If you’d like to explore more – I offer a complimentary 45-minute zoom session
to answer any additional questions that you might have.

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Applying does not commit you to the program in any way, it’s simply a next step of exploration.
We look forward to receiving your responses.

Application to the Galactic Numerology Program

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Clients in the program journey send these inspired message of testimony:
Love Love Love it 🎶. I have been working so much deeper with my energy vortex and the numbers, starting my day with the invocation of each of them.  I guess I intuitively know the preparation is needed. I know I AM supported, I AM loved, I AM so genuinely grateful for the wisdom that is holding me in this moment of NOW.  I AM Joy for the FLOW and the conscious awareness of Surrender.” 

“When I began on this journey with Divine Cosmic Alchemy in the Galactic Numerology journey, I had no idea that these activations and upgrades were precisely what my soul was desiring and really requiring, in order to pave the way of my highest path and mission forward, in these extraordinary times of transformation.” 

“These energies are my toolkit of magic and are assisting me and nourishing me through every experience, as I become more and more adept at manifesting my dreams.”