September 1 to November 30, 2023

Hello and Welcome Beautiful Souls!

We are so delighted that you’ve chosen to reconnect and reawaken your origin connections to Source in co-creation with Galactic Numerology. Thank you for following this energetic calling to create the change that aligns you with your Cosmic Soul Path and ascends you into your Highest Soul Mission of JOY, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, ABUNDANCE!

Celebrate your YES to this amazing journey and stepping onto your path which is contributing to the evolution in consciousness in these unprecedented times.

🙏🏻Denise, Divine Cosmic Alchemy, The Galactic Numerology Council of Light, Thoth, Merlin, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and many, many more! 🌟


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Getting Started:

1.  Add the Zoom calls to your calendar (all calls 10am EDT or EST): 
Please note these links are also available on your MeWe page, and you will get an email reminder for them:

Call #1:  Wed, Sept 6
Call #2:  Wed, Sept 20
Call #3:  Wed, Oct 4
Call #4:  Wed, Oct 11
Call #5:   Wed, Oct 18
Call #6:   Wed, Nov 1
Call #7:   Wed, Nov 8
Call #8:   Wed, Nov 16

👉  Check your time zone here:,2193733,5368361,2643743&h=4887398&date=2020-6-24&sln=10-11

NOTE: All recorded zoom calls can be found lower on this page (below the Activation links) and will be uploaded after each call.

2.  MeWe Group Access Page
A PRIVATE page on the MeWe Social Media Platform is set up for our group communications.
Look for posts from me and Galactic Numerology, and we invite you to celebrate the activations, share your experiences, ask questions.
You will receive an invitation to the group page via email.  And, if you don’t have a MeWe account already, it functions much like Facebook and you’ll be asked to set-up an account.

If you need any assistance with this – please do not hesitate to ask – email me at:

3.  The Galactic Numerology Activations
Below you will see links to each of the number activations with ideas for navigating your journey:

Starting with Galactic Number O activation and moving through each activation in order from 0-9, set aside reflective time to listen to each audio transmission.

The written portion below each audio is also a way to deepen into the activation as it is encoded into the activation, and it is an additional tool to use, yet the audio activation – the Light Language transmission is where the Activation is accessed.

Take time to journal, meditate, or just be in the energies after doing an activations. The Galactic Numerology Deck is a great tool for divination!

Each activation transmission is unique and bespoke to you because you are a unique soul.  All that you require from the transmission of the activations will be perfectly integrated whether you are consciously aware of it at the time or not. Yet it unfolds in perfect timing for you and assists you in amazing ways in your life and for your soul path.

4.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY and see you in the zoom calls!

5.  BONUS: Schedule your 45-minute complimentary 1:1 follow-up session to take place within the month after program completion by clicking the button below:

The Galactic Numerology Activations and Energy Vortex are the CORE of this program and journey – as these evolutionary energies reawaken and reconnect you to your cosmic origin spark from Source to strengthen your connection to your Beloved I AM God Presence.

Here’s the 3-Month Roadmap:

Month 1

  • Your Energy Vortex Container begins on Day 1 of the Program and continues until the program completes.  This is incredible nourishing support – all in the energy realms – as you Activate and integrate these Galactic Numerology Frequencies. This is the Group Container that also supports you on an individual level for your unique journey.

  • You’ll  receive the 10 ACTIVATIONS of Galactic Numerology Foundational Numbers 0-9 through exclusive on-demand audio transmissions. Beginning with Galactic Number 0 WHOLENESS, and then Activating Galactic Number 1, then 2, and all the way through 9 in numerical order.
    Each Galactic Number is activated via a 20-30 minute audio transmission that you can listen to, during this first month, on your own time that works most optimally for you.

  • To kick-start this journey, we’ll have a group Zoom call in Week One.  We’ll meet “live” as a group for 90-minute sessions on Zoom.  This kick-off call includes The Galactic Numerology Council and Divine Guides to clear and calibrate your system to receive the high-frequency Light and Love Codes that are the Galactic Numerology Activations.
    Note: These calls are recorded so you’ll have access to these sessions on the private group page.

  • After the 1st Group call, the rest of the month is for you to complete all of the Galactic Number Activations  before Month 2, and we’ll have our 2nd Group call of 2 for this month of Activations to integrate and recalibrate all that’s shifting for you through the Activations of Galactic Numbers 0-9.  
  • You’ll receive supportive emails to guide your Activation journey, and you’ll have the opportunity to post questions and experiences in our MeWe Group page.

Month 2

  • We’ll have a three 90-minute group transmissions on Zoom.  In theses transmissions, the Galactic Numerology Council of Light and Beings of Light 0-9 and the Divine Guides will focus on what is most resonant for the group- now that the Activations are ignited within your system.
    This is a highly sacred space to co-create with Denise and the Guides and receive deeper insight and wisdom for your life. These are pioneering energy Activations that create enormous shifts in your evolutionary journey, and it’s our JOY and delight to co-create with you.

Month 3

  • We’ll continue this journey with another three 90-minute group transmissions on Zoom continuing and building on what has expanded in Month 2.  The third call of this month is the final call session that is also the celebration session. This is a fun and exciting gathering to share all that has shifted during these three months, and to share the magic and JOY with the others.