Here’s how these Transmissions amplify your life:

  • Kick-starts and reboots you back into the rhythm of your soul’s highest expression
  • Recalibrates and points the needle to the highest goal of your soul
  • Creates crystal clarity about your path for this lifetime
  • Nourishes your system with crystalline light technologies
  • Creates tools for you to tap into energetically anytime, any place
  • Supports your evolution that is the result of you being in alignment with your Divine origin connection
  • Focuses your life to be lived and actualized the way that YOU are choosing

    With the direct transmission and activation of your Galactic Number, you are running those energies that powerfully strengthen your essence, your uniqueness and your signature energy field which positively manifests your life’s birthrights of joy and happiness!

    These energies are consciousness tools for you to use in all areas of your life: health, finances, love, career – whatever it is you choose!

These Sessions are for you if you’re:

  • Feeling your soul expansion happening and looking for clarity about how to navigate this path
  • Out of rhythm (a bit or a LOT) with your TRUE mission (what you are here for, your highest purpose and gifts)
  • Living in confusion from the illusions surrounding your relationships, your health, your work/career, perhaps lacking clarity about an important decision or what path is most on point with your soul’s desires
  • Frustrated and just ready to shift into a more vibrant life
  • Feeling disconnected or separated from your cosmic origin Source and your sense of feeling and belonging home
  • Struggling with living in the 3D when you know you have the capacity to tap deeper into your spiritual gifts
  • Looking to access bespoke, highly evolved frequencies and vibrations for the nourishment and support of your soul
  • Looking for more expanded dimensions of Sacred Number energies and frequencies to nourish and guide you, and to connect to Sacred Numbers in a whole new way


Your Personal Year is a calculation of your personal numerology interacting with the universal numerology. These number energies provide tools for navigating and forging your path so you can:

    • ✅ Be the conscious designer of your reality & experience so you know where you’re headed
    • ✅ Create with powerful clarity and confidence from your own personal numerology and the supporting energies of the universal numerology
    • ✅ Align your soul purpose by the activation of frequencies encoded from your origin spark, and experience 2024 from these empowering energies
    • ✅ Unlock your personal keys of manifestation to create abundance with your Galactic Personal Year Number.

Why your Personal Year Session is a powerful Vision Tool for you:

      • Aligns your energies of your unique Birth numbers with the universal year energies of 2024 to be a conscious powerhouse for your manifestations
      • Harnesses the power of the evolutionary cycle of universal year to align and track your goals and desires with precision and clarity
      • Uplevels and evolves traditional numerology to Galactic and so you can experience your Personal Year from a whole new cosmic energy to support your rapid expansion in these powerful times of change into the New Age
      • Shifts your perspective of creating from the old paradigm numerology to the new
      • Creates crystal clarity about your path through the newly evolved power of Galactic Numbers
      • Focuses your life to be lived and actualized the way that YOU are choosing


This customized 1 hour immersion session via Zoom includes:

    • Receive the ACTIVATION transmission of your Galactic Numerology Personal Year Number via the Languages of Light, Numbers and Crystalline Codes
    • Explore your unique Personal Year Energies and how they give you access to the rhythm of your soul’s highest expression for what you’re wanting to manifest in this year
    • Look at your intentions for this year and how your Personal Year Galactic Number supports your evolution that is a result of you being in alignment with your Divine origin connection
    • A unique ENERGY VORTEX container during the session to support integration of the energies into your system

Investment: $222

Love your Cosmic Soul Path Master Number and Personal Year Number Activation Experiences and Results?

I invite you to take the opportunity to explore next steps, and how we can continue to work together, if you’re called to find more about how the Galactic Numerology Program
can profoundly shift your life into one that reflects you.

Activations of the full foundational sequence of Galactic Numbers 0-9
are experienced in the One to One Galactic Numerology Program.

What others are sharing about their experiences with these Galactic Numerology Sessions: 

“I feel amazingly clear and powerful, as I rest within the rose of my heart. I send my gratitude and appreciation to you and Galactic Numerology for the magic that is unfolding. 🌟 I love everything that came and is coming forth. The integration affirmations and petalite are so helpful. 💕Amazingly, I went to my beloved metaphysical book store where petalite and I happily reconnected. You are a star! 🌟 I am bubbling over in joy, awe, and love. Thanks so much for everything!   

Shekhinah Yin