Dear Ones,

We are the nesting Herons who continue our community building through the birthing of our young each spring, and through the processes of building the nests – collecting twigs, finding the branch in the tree to support the nest, and working with our community as we build nests together in just a few chosen trees within the wetland areas of which we live.  We have spoken to you last time about our nests, our homes and shared our Heron “wisdom” with you about that.  Today we wish to talk to you about wings and flight.

We have great wingspans and we are able to soar once we have taken flight – whether it’s from the ground/water areas or whether it is from the trees.  It is how we get from one place to the next, and yet every flight is joyful.  Every flight is our wings upon the wind.  Even if we are in flight from escape from a predator, or if we are in disagreement with others in our community who is to be present upon the nest, we are in flight and with wind beneath wing, we soar.  We have our destination, we have our direction, yet as we fly, we enjoy the ride.  

We wish to tell you this because we think it might be helpful for you to know.  We only share our wisdom (and we know this is also through the vibrational frequency of interdimensional communication), yet your scribe is translating this for you in this text – energy to word – so this is multidimensional as well.  We mention this so that you are open to receive from your dimensions, not just in the mind as you hear (read) what we are saying.

You are all on a particular path – like our flight path – in which you are here to Be what you are here to Be.  [Now as we know that some may not understand from the mind, your Higher Self is receiving, so if you choose to continue on (reading).]. Your life is unfolding perfectly according to your soul’s wishes for you to be here on the earth at this time.  There are many challenges which you have chosen in order to live out your soul’s expansion.  Many are bogged down (and your scribe, Denise finds this a fascinating choice of words, considering we are Herons  ) by the programming that has been a part of the separation consciousness.  And many are just tired of being bogged down – enough is enough!  Well, this is why we are here to tell you how wonderful and joyful it is to take flight!  TAKE FLIGHT DEAR ONES – meaning – SOAR to what you have come here to do and BE!  Just do it!  Now is a time in which there is more “time” available for you to be the creative being that you are!  CREATE!  This sends you into your flight path of your soul, and when you just DO IT – then you have shifted out of the fears of doing what you know is yours to do, to be!  

Let go of the fear and just do it!  Why stay bogged down any longer?  You are many feeling the shifts in energy and are a part of the shift that is happening to LIGHTEN things up – on the Earth, in your life!  Put yourself into the flight of your wildest dreams and just SOAR!!  It’s freedom, Dear Ones – it’s FREEDOM!!  Your soul knows freedom because you are Whole, in Wholeness to Source, and when you take flight into something that you know is you – a hobby, a profession, a relationship, your identity – whatever it is – just get on that runway and take flight to SOAR!!  Once you are soaring it’s exhilarating, it’s light, and it’s being in the very essence of your soul’s joy.  

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  No more excuses we say – now is the time to take flight into your wildest dreams and BE who/what your soul came here to be.  It may not look anything like what you look like now – there may be others who say: “who’s that?”  Well – it’s YOU!  The TRUE YOU!  And it just doesn’t matter anymore what others think because you’ve learned everything you can learn from those lessons – from taking your guidance only from others without filtering through your own truth.  

Take Flight, Soar, Be Free!  We love you all Dear Ones – we see you all being who you are and enjoying the flight with delight!

The Herons