BELOVEDS, we are the consciousness of the Herrons and we wish to bid you a very happy day!

We are in our nesting season and all that we are doing now is how we grow and evolve. As we are incarnate on the Earth and having our soul’s evolution here as you are, we are aware of the changes upon the Earth Star and how it is making so many changes in Gaia’s physical body, energetic body and how the New Age is in a rapid state of evolving.  We are here because we have chosen -as you have- to be here at this pivotal time!  These are exciting times from where we sit – high upon the tree branches from our nests, or soaring above our marsh lands.

We wish to share with you our ways of Being, so that perhaps there are some nuggets of them that might be helpful to you in your life.

First we wish to share with you about our nesting.  We nest every year during this season.  We build our nests and we make “tweeks” here and there with branches and moss as needed – as the wind or a storm blows through and shakes things up a bit.  We know you have all built your nests – your homes (your physical living spaces as well as your emotional living spaces).  And we are aware of the many “storms” that blow through your homes/ways of being.  And what we wish to share here, dearest ones, is that there is always change happening – the winds and storms blow through and stir things up, and so then it’s time to adjust, rebuild, add some more “twigs” to the nest.  When we build and then our nests get stirred up by weather or perhaps another “neighbor” bird, we squawk, but then we just make adjustments.  We have our moment when the change happens if it is “upsetting” and then we begin our rebuilding, or we move a twig here and there.

We don’t sit in our nests and mull over how upset we are, or how that “shouldn’t have happened to us” (we know we are touching on some emotional cords here and just bear with us – we speak only from the most loving place:).  We know – and you know- that things don’t remain the same – we live in this world because of the constant change – it’s how we grow and evolve, but often it is forgotten that we chose to be here and that change seems to be “done” to us, rather than us having chosen this way of being so that we could learn, grow and evolve our very souls. 

In this time upon the Earth where many are in their homes, their places and are nesting, we also want to say that it’s the perfect time to just be!  Just be in your nests.  There’s been more space created with the “social distancing” for you to create and really get to know yourself, your families more than you’ve ever had the opportunity for before this! So create with joy, create with passion – and by creating we mean doing what brings you joy: getting into the garden, making a new recipe, playing a new card game, reorganizing and cleaning a closet, room or even all living spaces!  Dance and make up the moves as you go along, paint (a wall, a door, a picture).  Start a new endeavor, write in a journal, begin a practice of some kind; prayer, yoga, exercise, anything

Just create!  And as you create, don’t worry about how it’ll turn out.  We sit in our nests with our eggs and tend to them, we don’t over tend, we don’t worry about what will they look like when they hatch?  We don’t worry if they’ll hatch.  We just do what we do, and we are doing it in the moment, and then when it’s time our eggs hatch – our creations are birthed!  There’s no getting it wrong, it’s always just the process – that’s the joy of creation!  Being in each moment of creation is to be in the greatest joy – no regrets, no worries about the future.

We have much more to share, perhaps on another day!  We leave this for you to ponder and savor, and we love you all as you are souls, we are souls, we are all in this together during this great transition and evolution into the New Age!