Experience Divine Cosmic Alchemy in Your Life

Higher-Self Readings
& Transformational Energy Sessions 

Your destiny is created by you – you are your own Divine Navigation System.

Can you imagine the vantage point of living your life from your own Divine guidance & wisdom with support from your Guides?

So that you have the freedom to navigate your life, your way:

  • your relationships
  • your health
  • your abundance and wealth
  • your career/soul path

…and all areas of your life. Let’s get that going for you!


I will assist you in accomplishing that so you can experience higher wisdom that impacts your daily life.

In this co-creation you’ll experience:

✅ Channeled Wisdom Messages from your Higher-self & Divine Guides
✅ Light Language Transmissions to provide bespoke supporting energies for your soul’s expansions
and to assist you in anchoring in that higher wisdom so you can shift
into what you desire with more flow, ease and grace in your life
✅ Akashic Records access when required and called forth for updating, clearing and receiving

Your Beloved God Presence/Higher-self is that part of you that knows why you’re here in this incarnation,
what your soul path is, and what mission you came here to fulfill.

Commit to your unique life journey – shine your radiance
Your own Light is the best illumination for your path

A Higher-self Reading Session may be for you if you’re:

  • Looking for deeper trust in your own intuition
  • Are ready to complete old paradigm habits and loops
  • Looking for a deeper connection between your life and your own connection to the Divine
  • Wondering what gifts await you that you’re Higher-self wants you to see
  • Pondering the reasons for challenges that have surfaced in your life
  • Feeling like you have to look to others for their approval and advice about what’s best for you
  • Looking for energetic support to assist in achieving the direction given from your Higher-self

Here’s how this Higher-self connection enhances your life:

  • You tap into the vast knowledge of your soul
  • Receive clarity about your purpose
  • You’re informed from the most Divine aspect of you: your I AM presence (aka Higher-self)
  • Experience the shift that happens when you call forth this higher knowing from your soul
  • Gain wisdom from the most trusted resource of you: the Divine YOU
  • You are being connected more in Wholeness because you see the higher purpose for everything

Here’s what your session includes:

  • A channeled session of your Higher-self and Divine Guides for your soul’s journey focusing on specific areas you wish to change and enhance
  • Bespoke channeled Light Language that brings forth the evolutionary energies that your soul is requiring to create those shifts and to integrate them.  Light Language unlocks keys and codes and of higher consciousness that are stored within you. This assists you in accessing the multidimensional aspects of you. These energy streams and vibrations are DEEPLY NOURISHING to your system. It contributes to you BEING your full self, your multidimensional self
  • Divination with oracle cards that spark the energies stepping forward to support the shifts you are calling forth
  • Soul Path Coaching during your session to apply the wisdom received from your Higher-self to your everyday life – and to specific situations that you have chosen to focus upon
  • A customized energetic container (vortex) set up for the session to create a landing and integration space for all that is occurring in the session

Ready to be in the driver’s seat of your own life?

45-Minute Zoom Session:   $144

Click the link below to schedule your choosen session option:
75-Minute Zoom Session: $222

Client Experiences:

💖 “Denise is a brilliant bridge between the galactic, natural and human consciousness. She connects structural work such as galactic numerology with her keen intuitive guidance. This powerful alchemy allows you to become easily and spontaneously immersed in the experience of joy, love and flow. She is a magnifier of multi-dimensional abundance and a great ally on your journey to self-healing. She can also call in her dragon and other higher-dimensional friends to assist you even more on your path. I love working with Denise, even if it is just a regular casual chat – because with her, it always turns out to be extraordinary. Thank you Denise! Much love” 

💖 “I have felt as though I have been on a trajectory of change, expansion, hard to put into words and I know Divine Clarity is one of the foundational pillars for all that is unfolding for me at this time. I definitely feel I am at the null/zero point no sense of where I am headed other than I know it is an expansion and more of an unfolding of me. Since our session I feel more self-assured, more removed from the collective chaos and I know Clarity is there with me.”