Light Language is transmitted as light, sound, and sacred geometry – it is the language of the soul and attunes you to the frequencies of your Divine Blueprint. It is spiritual technology of the cosmos that goes beyond what our spoken words can communicate to us.  It is understood by your soul, even if it doesn’t seem understandable to the mind.

When it is transmitted, it is LASER FOCUSED for exactly what your Higher Self requires and it is always in co-creation with your Higher Self and what you require – there is no power over in the universe, so only what you choose to receive is received by you.

When you choose to receive a transmission, this light technology is laser focused for those exact energies that your Higher-self is calling forth.

Light Language transmits through different streams or dialects.

I am attuned to receive, embody and transmit the frequencies of Love and Light wisdom for the Ascension of Earth and her Beings.  I channel the Languages of Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Numerology, Dragons, Crystals, Cosmic/Star Families, Mother Earth and her Beings and all Divine Beings of Light.

I channel Light Language of the purest, most Divine and highly evolved frequencies of Love and Light.  I express it through speech, sound, hand movement, eye transmission and through the Divine emanation of my multidimensional energy fields.

Light Language is deeply nourishing for you: your energy systems, your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The outside world presents separation yet we aren’t separate at all from our Divine Source. Light Language is energy assistance to bring you into deep alignment with you as Source.


We are multi-dimensional beings of Light in this physical body. Light Language is communication Creator Source, as frequencies and vibrations of Divine Love and Light.

As a beacon of these energies I embody and emanate Light Language and it’s expressed in the form of words in different dialects depending on the energy stream channeling through, sounds, hand movement, eye and hand transmissions.

You can choose to receive a transmission of Light Language and often your Higher Self assists you in choosing. There’s no power over in the universe.

The vibrational frequencies of Light Language are always bespoke for a person, place, animal – any Being. Often when I am out in nature I speak to the animals, trees, birds, sun and moon.

I speak to my cats in Light Language and they understand and receive the Divine frequencies.


My Light Language takes on many forms: spoken out loud, silently, signaled with hands,
conveyed with eyes and hands, written.

Here are your gifts of two audios:

The first is an explanation of Light Language. Listen with your heart and if you seem to not understand with your mind, know that your Higher Self understands and is integrating this knowledge for you:

​This second audio is an one recorded during my trip to England and the sacred sites and ley lines of the land.

I stood upon a cliff in Cornwall on energy Ley Lines that enter into the country at the location called Nanjizal Bay (pictured to the right). Here the Michael and Mary Ley Line Earth energy currents first come to shore to run through the land.

With this nourishing Light Language transmission, you will experience the energies that I have embodied and expressed at the point of standing upon that land – as I work in the Quantum Fields (where time/space do not exist) so this transmission is multidimensional.

Just by listening to this Light Language transmission, you receive the energies of the land, the sea, the Ley Lines: the Divine Cosmic Alchemy that is being expressed and emanated through this transmission. You will receive only the energies that are for you – nothing more, and nothing less. Enjoy!

I welcome your feedback and how you have experienced this, so if you’d like to send me a message…