As you align with your soul’s essence,
you experience greater ease and grace in navigating life’s journey.
You gain clarity on your profound purpose –
driving your incarnation on Earth at this pivotal moment in time.

Hello, I AM Denise, and it is my Soul Mission to Be of Service – to usher in the Seventh Golden Age and co-create Heaven upon the Earth – as Ambassador of Light, Love and Truth through Magic in Divine WHOLENESS.

Divine Cosmic Alchemy is my expression of JOY and Divine Magic, aimed at helping others remember their true essence as Divine Beings, transcending human limitations to reclaim their true freedom.

FREEDOM is the awakening, remembering, and alignment with your Higher-Self Presence—your Divine essence. In this state, you embody your birthrights of joy, bliss, and abundance, living life to its fullest potential.

I AM that I AM:

*Wizard and Alchemist of Divine Magic in the Divine Lineage of Merlin/Saint Germain
* Magdalene Love Being * Galactic Scribe * Sacred Architect * Way Shower * Bringer of the Dawn
* Little Ibis * Dragon Friend * Crystal and Elemental Partner * Nature Communicator
*Aoulia (my Cosmic name/how I’m know by Galactic Light Beings)

Pioneering the path to the 7th New GoldenAge in co-creation with Divine Beings of Light including:
Intergalactic Councils, Archangels and Angels, Dragons and Elemental Kingdoms, Ascended Masters,
Divine Lineage of Essenes and Magdalenes, Cosmic Lineages

Activations & Certifications: Ascended Master Lineage of Thoth, Magdalene Love Being, Licensed Quantum Light Practitioner, Money Meridians, and Thoth’s Magic Academy via Danille Rama Hoffman of Divine Transmissions

Member:  Radiant Rose Academy, Order of Bards Ovates & Druids


💖 “I am feeling this wonderful reverberation of magic and know that it is woven in with the beauty of all that we are up to and creating!  I am so grateful for you and your glowing Light. It has led me to creating a future I could not have imagined or believed possible!”

💖 “Working with Denise and the Galactic Numerology Council of Light for the last 2.5 years has transformed my life. The number frequencies and their crystal companions weave throughout every part of my world, imbued as the essence of me now, every step of the way.

When I began on this journey with Divine Cosmic Alchemy I had no idea that these activations and upgrades were precisely what my soul was desiring and really requiring, in order to pave the way of my highest path and mission forward, in these extraordinary times of transformation. These energies are my toolkit of magic and are assisting me and nourishing me through every experience, as I become more and more adept at manifesting my dreams. Denise brings through these cosmic frequencies that are infused with the purest vibrations of wisdom and love. She holds a beautiful container of devotion for this work and the wellbeing of her clients.

In every session she channels guides that step forward to bring through optimal messages and light language, assisting to reveal exactly what is most needed and optimal for the highest good and most accelerated path forward of my soul expansion, clearing the way to see my truth, and honor my desires. I am truly blessed to be on this journey with these divine frequencies that are with me, as me, always.”

💖 “Denise is a fully activated Divine Cosmic Being Incarnate. She has devoted her path to the Source of Love and Light. Along the way of her own Evolutionary journey she quickly remembered all of the tools and magic that she came here to share! She is a channeler of Galactic Light frequencies that originate from many universes. 

In my work with Denise, her unique gifts allow her to alchemize these streams of Cosmic Light into crystalline light codes that provide expansive growth through these Activations! She is a conscious leader that opens a joyful, compassionate space for me to evolve and reconnect to my cosmic origin, and reawaken to my own TRUTH within my own Being! Are you prepared to receive the keys and codes of these activations? This is Soul Work!”