Merlin speaks here to us all, and at times, when I channel him for others, he comes through as a stream of energies of consciousness so thus the “we” in the channeling below:  

Dearest Ones, We speak today about The Magic of Higher-self Living and being in the FLOW of it, and I am stepping forward to talk about a topic that is relevant in these very NOW moments that you on the Earth Star are vibrating in and into.  

There are many, many shifts of evolution happening on the Earth Star at this time, and during this particular month the energies of planetary alignment in your Solar System are greatly assisting the up-leveling of energies that are pouring into all of the 3rd density reality – we talk here about the Source Creator Divine energies that come now from many, many Beings who are assisting humanity and Earth in the Ascension process.  

Mother Earth, our Dearest Mother – and all of her Beings: trees, plants, crystals, rocks, elementals, elements and so on have chosen Ascension and are already vibrating at the higher dimensions and so many of you are feeling those shifts from your grounding dimension as well as the other dimensions of the heavens – in which we mean the multi-dimensions blasting forth with Light.  You are beacons of it and many of you are the lightening rods, the beacons, the ones “collecting” the energies and distributing them through your emanations.

What does all of this mean to you in your daily reality.  Many who are reading this know that the very time of Ascension – the time of the New Golden Age – that Age of Aquarius is upon us.  And, at this time that you are globally already in a shift of how you spend your “time” many are releasing – in vast ways, those energies that they’ve carried for lifetimes that just are no longer serving and no longer necessary.  

So, what do you do with this time, and how do you create that flow of magical higher-self living?  Some choose to cling to the fears of dying, not having enough money, how are they to survive, and yet EVERYTHING YOU NEED MAGICALLY COMES TO YOU when you set your intentions upon what you DESIRE!  So what are you Desiring? Every thought is an energetic call to the universe to provide for you.  What and how are you sending out your call?  Are you concerned about paying the bills?  And you’re saying to us “I’ve asked, and asked, and nothing is happening!”.  We ask you to check again and HOW did you ask?  When you are in ABSOLUTE KNOWING that what you require, desire will come to you when you ask ONCE – then you will get what you have requested.  

And I am suggesting that you look for the MAGIC and ALCHEMY of how your requests are being energetically actualized.  Are you in the FLOW or are you creating the blockages?

We are not in the ages of the past of duality any longer, we are in Wholeness now where everything is included: it is no longer, for example: “I have money/I don’t have money”.  You may have your requests taken care of in a completely different and MAGICAL way!  Do you “hear” the vibrational frequency we are speaking of, do you understand?  The old exchange system no longer works that way in this new Age, in this new paradigm of Wholeness.  You may ask for money to pay your electricity and you may get a reduction in your bill for the next 12 months – we are just using this example so please keep your thoughts – your energetic calling cards in the vibrations that you’re choosing to receive from.   There are ways that you’re living that you never thought possible – beyond your wildest dreams!  You can have the time that you have now – that “extra” time to get outdoors and walk in nature, to spend with family and friends, to write the book or paint the picture, to NOT DO ANYTHING for once – just BEING! 

When you reside in the moment that you’re in right now, you aren’t beating up what happened in the past (and therefore pulling that energy that is no longer necessary back into your field) – HAVEN’T YOU FINISHED THAT EVOLUTIONARY LESSON? Why go back there?  Or “worrying” about the FUTURE and how this and that will happen?!  We know you must have structure and some planning in this reality, but it’s going to be different now, it’s done differently then you’ve done before. 

So create some alchemy in your life by mixing it up, plan BACKWARDS – (Merlin laughs here because of his living life “backwards” ), plan one day and then DON’T PLAN ONE DAY.  Just get up on the day you planned nothing and do nothing or do EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING!  We are talking about being in the FLOW here!  Going with the Flow – letting what you’re doing inform what you do next.  That is what creation is all about and you are all CREATORS!  Creating your own magic of living as your Higher-self – as Creator Source.

Again we ask – what do you desire to create, manifest, alchemize – as you are open to this – more synchronicity and FLOW opens up to you – and it’s like this treasure hunt that leads from one treasure chest to the next!  It’s truly amazing, Dear Ones – we ask you, if you choose, to TRY IT!!  

Perhaps, try first by having a day without planning!  Many say they accomplished more in a day that wasn’t planned!  Yet, we also want to assure you that “accomplishing” things in the old way of doing things, in the old paradigm is not the way we are talking about.  You’ll see what we mean – the NEW way to accomplish is being the creator who manifests the most joyful, magical life.  And when you are in your most Joyful, Magical life – you are assisting the ascension process from the place of Divine Source Creator energy.  You’re in alignment with that and Heaven is upon the Earth!
Enjoy – Alchemize, Create, BE!

With Love, Your Merlin
Wizard and Alchemist