Message from the Bees: Bees Are

by | Jul 17, 2023

Bees Are

We are the Bees that buzz and flitter, carrying the pollen from place to place. Yes, we are busy, and we know you say that: “Busy as a bee!” Ha, Ha, yes we love what we do, and we love what we be.  This is our message today – to BE, like a bee.  We are, we be, not only do we be, but we bee – so we are really be…ing who we be.

Like our flight, around and about, spiraling and wizzing through the air, we are bringing in this message in a very spiraling and multidimensional way (because that’s who we be).  Our message to you is about your BE…ing. Be, Bee, BE who you BE (BEE). We are!  Bees Are.  There is no other way, as Bees we BE, and there’s no “thoughts” of BEEing other than we BE!  That is our natural state, and when you are in your natural state, you can just BE in that way!  Wow, that makes life so much easier! 

We are unique, each of us and each of our species in our community, and you are unique as part of the human community.  We know you have your minds to take you from place to place, yet know that you can fly with more ease and with more grace when your heart takes you instead.   We “know” what we are doing as we pollinate and commune with the flowers and trees, yet we let that “knowing” just be a “being”.  We are Bees, and simply and wonderfully just BEEING.

We ask if you can look into your heart and see who you truly BE, and then just BE just that.  Know that as we spiral and buzz and share with you now, that you are understanding everything within your heart.  We see your heart, and like nectar in the flower that calls us forth, your natural Divine heart is the nectar that calls forth even more of the Light and Love that you BE.

We are Bees, We BE, We Be, We Are, Bees Are… And we love you!

The Bees who BEE