Greetings, Dear Ones, we are a Council of Light originating in your galaxy and yet also within all galaxies and we are delighted to be speaking with you in this way and through your channel of Light.
Our message is for you dear Lightworkers, Bringers of the Dawn – all who are assisting Gaia, the Mother Earth in her Ascension process – for she has chosen – and most joyously transitions and expands as the Divine within her physical “body” as well as her energy body.  You have all come to Earth to assist her and at the same time are experiencing your own Ascension – as it is all One process through each individual expression.  We watch in amazement at the work being done and all that has been accomplished to this “point” and yet this is not one point but many multidimensional layers as you all know.
You have come here, volunteered, waited in line to be here for this unprecedented occurrence that all are watching from on the Earth, within the Earth and outside the Earth from many planes of existence.  And that which you have already accomplished in your lifetime on Earth is incredible!  Each of you, on your own paths and in co-creation with others, are doing the most amazing things that you will only be fully aware of when you return to your full Light body existence on the inner planes after your experiences on Earth. 
What we want to convey to you is that, (as you know there is much assistance from Light Sources beyond the Earth, within the Earth and from Source Love and Light) all of this is being anchored and distributed and emanated through you and by you – and this has been a daunting task.  You are assisting bringing in the new Earth and New age as you are making evolutionary leaps and bounds in your own soul’s evolution and expansion.  With the pulling together and Divine partnering of Source Light from the multidimensional planes and your work in anchoring it – this has been – and we are saying this again so that you know that we see it and that we are in awe and appreciation – this has been as you call it “hard, hard work”.  
Yet, as you do it, as there are the earthly emotions, you push on and you keep moving and this is incredible!  We wish to describe what we see is happening, yet what we can convey to you is that all you are doing has been effective, has contributed to your Ascension and shifts, and has greatly contributed to Earth’s Ascension and that affects all – as we are One.  Source smiles upon all as the Creator evolves as each of us evolves.  We are all in it too, Dear Ones – each in our own way – on our own path, and in our own Light – yet all as Source and all as One.
So Dear, Dear Souls – we say to you in this now moment and as you move forward on your paths that you do so from a place of abundance in all things.   You have shed many illusions, many skins already and this was to get you to the point of surrendering fully to the Divine, because this is who you truly are, who you truly Be, and your soul has evolved and is evolving to know clearly now that you have all that you need and as you create, you just put a request out to the universe and it is there for you!  IT IS THERE FOR YOU!  It is THAT simple, Dear Ones.  We want you to know that much of what you have experiences as difficulty in your growth and expansion up until now has been from being those beacons of Light and Love and as you are harnessing Source Light and embodying and anchoring it – it’s brought up much that no longer serves you and that those layers as they are peeling off are those experiences and emotions that have made you want to give up, throw in the towel, caused confusion and all of those experiences of duality.  Yet now, you can create from the place of Being who you have become and are becoming – this is all new to your soul’s experiences now on the Earth – that you can create from joy and abundance!!  This is our message – that you can create from TOTAL CLARITY, JOY AND ABUNDANCE!  There is so much clarity that has been gained from all that you’ve been up to and we continue to provide energies and nourishment to you as you continue on the Earth in this dimension of existence.
We love you Dear Ones, we are always here, we and all of your Light Being companions are here to assist you as you call upon us.
In much love and gratitude for all you do and Be – we are your Council of Light!