Messages from Nature: The Spiders

by | Aug 10, 2020

This beautiful being, a tarantula spider, was on a path that I was traveling with beautiful friends on a recent trip to the southwest USA, where red earth everywhere just bathes the energy body – grounding and exciting the senses!  It’s a place where wonder and awe create magical experiences!

Spider Medicine is about weaving.  Her web threads are delicate and yet when they are woven into the web they have much strength.  It is her home, it’s where she lives and captures what she desires.  This is why dream catchers are made to represent the spiders web – it’s about catching those dreams and desires.  And, her web beautiful can be mistaken by passers-by who get caught in the web (in consciousness this is representing the web of illusion).

She sat quietly with the beautiful wisdom of a grandmother – being in her space on the earth and watching intently as we walked by.  She has a beautiful message for us, as I asked:

Dearest wise one, what would you like to share with us?

She replied:
“I watched as you walked by – no humans have walked so close to me, so I was intrigued and delighted to see this new sight.  I could see your Light, and so I knew that I did not have to run and defend myself.  We know as a spider consciousness that humans may have fear when they see us.  Yet that fear is a creation from the fear of “being attacked”.  Fear sends out a certain vibrational frequency, as does love.  And in the Earth realm, in the realm of duality there is the survival instinct that is called “the cycle of life” within the animal kingdom.  Yet, many animal species prefer to not “eat” the humans species – and when there is an attack or bite, it most likely is in response to sensing the fear – as that is how we are programmed in this reality for survival.  None of you had fear as you passed by me, and yet I sensed and felt great awe and appreciation for me – I must say that was beautiful energy!

My message would be to humans about the vibration of fear.  Fear of dying because of the “virus” has been such a prevalent energy for several months upon the Earth Star.  We know this because we communicate as a consciousness.  There are some places that the fear is quite dense, and other places on the earth where there is a much more loving energy spanning larger areas.  It’s like a wave that we’ve been seeing, and it is frequency and vibration.  Fear is a dense energy, where Love is a Light, fluid energy.

When you embody the Love frequency, there’s ease in your life.  When you look upon something that is potentially “scary” – including decisions that you make in your life – as you move into the love frequency and through the dense energy, there’s a relief of the burden of fear, it’s transmuted.  Then there’s a lightness, a wonder and awe.

We would like to suggest that you look at your world with a new way of “seeing” – look with the eyes of wonder and awe, appreciation and love.

Then, watch the magic of your dreams becoming your reality.”

Our blessings as you evolve through fear into LOVE,
The Spider Consciousness