Galactic Numerology Council of Light and the 6 Universal Year Energies

The Galactic Numerology Council of Light steps forward with a beautiful message about the Universal Year Energy of 6 from both the traditional and Galactic Numerology energies as foundational to all that you’re up to in 2022.

The energy of EXPANSION is the place where the focus of “home”, being not only your physical space where you reside, but also you as a home to your soul where you come from within the heart to be the guiding compass for your life choices.

Another focus is about relationships and the expansion of your own personal relationship with yourself, those in your family and life now, as also all those new relationships that are developing – those coming in who resonate with your energy.

And, there’s also a focus of unity from the standpoint that the two halves of a circle could represent two different viewpoints or energies, and recognition that this is so, rather than resistance so that true unity can exist. Being in the peace and flow of both halves as part of the Whole is what we are up to in this transmission.

We bring forth Light Language to assist with peaceful integration of support and nourishment of the foundational energies that are with you in this year of 2022 and also from the multidimensional planes.