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Let’s get started!

Thank you for following this energetic calling to create the change that aligns you with your Cosmic Soul Path and ascends you into your Highest Soul Mission of JOY, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, ABUNDANCE!

The Galactic Numerology Activations and Energy Vortex are the CORE
of this program and journey into these evolutionary energies
that reawaken your cosmic connections

Here’s what’s included:

  • In your 14-day (2 week) program you’ll ALIGN with your Highest Path by receiving direct ACTIVATIONS of Galactic Numerology Foundational Numbers 0-9 through exclusive on-demand audio transmissions (you’ll receive access to the private pages available for Program participants). You’ll access these potent Creator Codes in your own time within this 14-day space.
  • In these two weeks, we’ll have 4 group Zoom calls.  We’ll meet “live” as a group for 90-minute sessions on Zoom.  These calls include soul path coaching and channeling The Galactic Numerology Council and Divine Guides to assist integrating the Galactic Numerology energies and develop skill sets for utilizing the energies in daily life. These calls are recorded so you’ll have access to these sessions even if you can’t be in the “live” call.
  • Additionally:  There is a 5th group zoom celebration call after the program completes and an opportunity to follow-up and share experiences with the unfolding expansion of the Activations.
  • And, you’ll be fully supported in these 14 days with a bespoke Energy Vortex (container), which buoys and supports you as you activate and integrate these Galactic Numerology Frequencies.

  • BONUS: Included with this program is a 45-minute follow-up one to one Zoom session (within the month after program completion) to assist you in further integrating the energies into your daily life.
  • **NEW! Just added for participants of this program: The Galactic Numerology Deck (foundational cards 0-9)


Program Investment

 Galactic Numerology 14-day Program  $1997


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Once your application is received we’ll have a brief email exchange to answer any questions, ensure you are positioned to be successful in the program, that it is a good match for all involved, and confirm your acceptance.

If at that time you’re called to register for Galactic Numerology we will process your payment.

🌟Applying does not commit you to the program in any way it is simply a next step🌟
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Application to the Galactic Numerology Group Program