When I connect to this beautiful Orca whale – this amazing Being – her energy came through as happy, free, ecstatic with joy to be free and traveling with ease in the waters.  She is smart, her soul originates from off planet and she is here to learn and here to teach – very wise!  She’s loving that I’m connecting to her now and knows that we share that ecstatic sense of joy in freedom 🙂 This makes me so happy to connect with her energy.

I asked her: “What would you like to share with me beloved Orca – about you?”

And she replied:
“We are excited about the evolution of Mother Earth’s body and that we are here to physically experience it and transform with her.  We can see the end of a long many, many eons of suffering for those of us who have incarnated and experienced soul growth through (humanity’s experience of) separation.  But we now see the Wholeness of the Divine (plan) awakening and rejoice in Being a part of this extraordinary time in evolution of the planet.

We would like to share our energy of JOY with all of you Beings of Light who have incarnated on the Earth Star! We see the Wholeness and the higher purpose and transformation taking place, and humanity and all the Beings of Earth who choose (this transformation/ascension) will experience such great joy and bliss like you haven’t know for so long due to separation experiences from Source.  You experience that Divine Union once again with our Creator, and this brings the greatest experience of joy that you have forgotten and will soon (and are beginning to) remember!

Our blessings and gratitude for all of you who are doing Lightwork for the Earth and the Cosmos – you are pioneers for this evolution in consciousness!”

Me: “Thank you! Love, joy and gratitude for you and it is radiating from your Heart to mine!