Awaken Your Personal Numerology Codes – Audio Transmission


This is an audio-only recording in MP3 format.


The Galactic Numerology Council of Light is providing a transmission of Light Language keys and codes to transmute and clear out old number patterns currently running in your system. This will open so much space for you, and you’ll receive the higher frequency codes that greatly assist exactly what you need now!

  • Clear away old programming like old patterns of numbers, across multiple lifetimes: numbers that just don’t feel right due to events or circumstances that brought on sadness, fear, etc. (and those from separation programming: like the numbers 13 and 666)
  • Upgrade your energetic blueprint and matrix
  • Bring in more Light and Love with the newly created space because you’re clearing out those denser energies
  • Create a new foundation for you to receive more from sacred numbers
  • Have more awareness of numbers showing up for you as powerful guidance and manifestation tools
  • Awaken and tap into even greater support of the numerology of your birthdate – your own personal numerology – as assistance and tools of focus for what you’re desiring to create in your life

Join the Galactic Numerology Council of Light in this group transmission where your unique codes and connection to Sacred Numbers are awakened and ignited as new tools to assist you in navigating your life’s destiny and path.  (53 minute audio).