Crystal Connections Workshop – Audio Transmission

Amplify Your Connection to the Crystal Kingdom and Your Own Crystalline Structure Through Highly-Evolutionary Light Codes


The Crystals are calling… is this call for you? The Earth has risen in frequency and so have all sentient Beings, including her Crystals. The Crystals are Beings that are here to help, guide and support you in this lifetime. You are crystalline energy in form and you originate from Light: your star, your home, your source.   And, you may feel this connection through the crystals upon the Earth which also originate from Light into form.

What you'll receive:

  • Connecting to the Crystal Kingdom of the Earth, and their Light Codes in Light, to support your ascension by calling forth a showering of their highest frequencies available at this time.
  • Connecting to a Crystal that is particularly wanting to step forward to support and nourish YOU and your life path!
  • Opening up to the messages that Crystals and the Crystal Kingdom are sending, and being able to use their guidance in your life.

How does this assist you?

  • Expanding your consciousness with the Crystal Kingdom brings in a whole new dimension of energy support for your life
  • Your crystalline structure is strengthened as you are shifting from carbon into higher frequency crystalline Light within your physical incarnation
  • A deeper connection to other crystalline energies upon the Earth so that you’re in resonance with the expanding frequencies
  • An up-leveling of your crystalline energies to be in a deeper connection to your states of Cosmic Being-ness
  • Connection with others, as this group comes together to share and learn

The download link as an "MP3" audio format will be provided immediately after payment is submitted.