“Expand Beyond Your Limits” – Audio Transmission


This is an audio-only recording in MP3 format.

The Expand Beyond Your Limits Transmission is a powerful and evolutionary expansion of energies with the Galactic Numerology Council of Light, Sacred Numbers, Crystals and the Solstice energies!

The Source Light Codes download to transform your life's desires beyond any limiting beliefs, with expansions into new dimensions and new awarenesses of what is possible to create a fulfilling life.

Tuning in to this transmission in your own time allows you to fully receive as it is transmitted through the quantum field beyond the dimension of time.

You'll receive a channeled meditative transmission from the Guides and Galactic Numerology Council of Light including powerful and evolutionary Light Language Codes (57 minute audio).

Harness Expansion, Joy, Freedom. Expand and step into new territory in one or more areas of your life.
Open your wings to freedom!