Transformational Transitions 7/7/7 Portal Transmission


This is an audio-only recording in MP3 format.


Transitional Transformations – The Power of  the Sacred Number 7

Harness the power of the Sacred Number 7

Join the Galactic Numerology Council of Light in this group transmission, and come to this workshop ready to receive life-transforming Divine Consciousness!

Tuning into this high-frequency consciousness transmission – even after the event date – allows for the download and integration because it is transmitted in the quantum fields where time and space do not exist.  Enjoy!

Have you been experiencing a ‘rough ride’ during your soul expansions? Are your physical, emotional and mental bodies experiencing challenges during intense energy downloads?

Your soul’s transformations into higher states of consciousness can be stabilized as you transition from denser to lighter frequencies within your physical and energy bodies.

July 7, 2023 a powerful Evolutionary Portal (7/7/7) is available to harness the energies for more peace and harmony as your life shifts, and as you step more into your Divine Presence as the leading consciousness in your outer reality.

Join me and the Galactic Numerology Council of Light as we access the energies available through this 7/7/7 Portal to:

  • Transition through multidimensional states of being with each evolution you are experiencing so there’s a smooth and more harmonious shift
  • Embrace your journey in present moments so that you are living in the now and enjoying more richness in your life
  • Experience opening to new frequency levels that allow you to attract the abundance that you require to fulfill your purpose and mission

Using the Sacred Number 7 with the exponential momentum of this Portal, we’ll dial into the true infinite abundance of it by calling it in – not randomly (like the pulling the slot machine handle or scratching off the ticket to get “the win”) – yet through the true power of attracting what is desired through our birthright of abundance.