This was a personal pep talk from Sanat Kumara to me, but as with most of my channelings there are universal messages, so I wanted to share this with you!

I am Sanat Kumara and you have been feeling the little nudges that I’ve been giving you these past weeks, and you even went so far as to “pull my card” from your deck to see what I was all about. 

And what I am about dear one is the entire Ascension process of humankind and the Earth dwellers as well as the shift into the New Age of Unity Consciousness.  I have been in contact with incarnate beings upon the earth for several years now, and have especially been able to reach the masses more easily since the great Cosmic Moment of 2012 – where much Divine Light shifted upon the Earth through incarnated Beings who were waking up and shining their lights brighter than ever. 

This light as it shines from the heart of the Light bearers/Lightworkers – has exploded and pushed consciousness in the direction that many in the “heavens” – in our plane are heralding as a victory for the Light and Consciousness – for the Divine once again shines upon the earth and many many incarnate are waking up more and more – as you have taken the reigns – so to speak – to take responsibilty for creating the New Earth – which is what you are to do – we have been working tirelessly here in the inner planes and at all levels – even on the earth – to bring support and consciousness, but it is up to you, dearest brothers and sisters to take the bull by the horn – so to speak – and to run with it – to create – and to do what no man/woman/incarnate has done before!  It’s all new – this is a New Age – and I have rallied for many an age for the Earth to return to the heavenly Divine that it has been in past ages – because that Unity and Oneness is truly sparking of the Divine God/Goddess – and all There Is – to be in the brightest light of Love that can ever even be imagined by those on Earth in this current density.

You dear one are one of those Light workers – and I am here – you have listened to my “nudgings” because I am here to be your cheerleader – and you are doing the work that you came to do – you do have the few “knocks” off the path – but you get right back on – and that’s what I am encouraging in you now!  To lift any viels of illusion that have produced doubt and fear – about – “can I do this?” YES, I SAY – WE SAY – YES, YES YES YES YOU CAN!  You’ve done it before and you’re here to do it again – and like no other time before because like many of your off planet incarnations you KNOW what it is to be truly, 100% and beyond – multidimensionally connected – and you are “all in!” as you say – yes, yes you are!  So keep going – call upon us – when you are Scribing – you ARE SCRIBE – and you have the love and encouragement and assistance of dear Thoth who’s very lineage you are from – so WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK – so to speak!

This is a pep talk – we know that you were “knocked out” a bit with this health challenge – but this is also your soul’s way of showing you that you’re not taking this – you’re NOT going to be “taken” or take yourself out of the game ANYMORE!  There’s absolutely no need!  Thoth has said it many times – there’s no need to repeat this – you’ve learned this lesson and there’s no sense in continiuing to repeat it anymore.
So GO FOR IT!  We cheer you on from the inner planes – we send you our Love and we send you magical knowings, and we send little gifts to make you think – “hmmm – was that magically sent from above” – We know what you mean and that you are looking for all of the bread crumbs and we are shining a light on them to tell you how much we appreciate all you have done, all you do and continue to bring into expressed consciousness and on to the Earth plane to bring forth the New Age through your Divine Genius and all of the Ascended Mastery that IS YOU – so keep going – keep going – we are ALL CHEERING YOU ON!!

I Am Sanat Kumara and I wish you blessings and step back from this scribing session for now.