“Dear Ones,

We have come to you today and we are grateful for Being together in this way as you Scribe what we wish to share with you and all who are on their Ascension path.  We are basking in the Love and Light of the Creator and ask that you really enjoy these energies as we are together – your own energies merged with ours and this creates the Oneness and amplifies the light of the Creator.
We know that all on the Earth are diligently working on their soul’s missions and more and more are awakening to the Light frequencies that are pouring in from Light Workers such as yourselves – who are the beacons and “lightning rods” that are channeling in the Creator’s frequencies to the Earth in many different forms, but all the same Creator energy.  Each of you is set up with a Divine blueprint that has within it all that you need to be shining fully as your Source Light and Love and many of these Divine blueprints have not been fully turned on until recently and for some who are still on the awakening path – the blueprint is awakening – there are keys and codes that each Soul seeks out from the different Sources of Light frequencies. 
And this is what we wish to share with each of you – that you each have your own Divine blueprint that is what your soul has chosen to be activated in this incarnation in such a way that for those of you who are the “lightning rods” the beacons of light – streaming through Source light to the Earth and emanating it out – that you are always in the download and upload stages of receiving and emanating Divine energies from many different sources.  Some of these sources are Light worker to Light worker – you hold keys and codes for each other and many of you are finding your soul groups and the Sources for the keys and codes – and some you receive and some you exchange and some you emanate out. 

And it’s the most magnificent light show of sacred geometry to behold – because – if you could see your blueprints waking up and lighting up – the show is – and we call it a show – but we are saying the awakening is like fireworks and sparkling light shows – and within your own blueprint – and then as you are exchanging or emanating to others – you are lighting up and then others are lighting up – and the Light grid that is being created is beyond what you could imagine because on Earth you have not seen this – as it exists in another dimension of your Being – yet for those who are observing and assisting to also beam the Light from our dimensions – as we see you receive and emanate it – it is the most beautiful and magnificent magical light show!  It is so delightful that it is beyond what your words could describe. 
And if you can just imagine or know this – and behold these images of Light shows within you – and know that this is the Light of Source within you, and from without – all in the many dimensions of you and then connected to others upon the Earth – it’s unprecedented that this is even happening – it’s been foretold that as the New Age is being created – that the Light which is the Love of our Creator will once again shine in the full beauty of the Wholeness of this Love and Light – and yet, as this is all being created – and never has been done this way yet in any age upon the Earth – or even throughout the heavens for the Earth – that we are in awe and the most exquisite joy – and we want you to know this – that you are doing what you’ve come here to do – even if you cannot fully see all of what we are describing. 
And you are doing this as you are living in your moments of your daily lives by Being the Lightest in your heart and soul, by rising above the duality and the collective consciousness illusions that are being busted open at the seams – and you may be, in your differing ways of experiencing and expressing your adeptness and masteries that you are remembering, that you are doing it – even if you cannot perceive it. Many of you KNOW – you have the KNOWING that you are fulfilling your mission in your reality in your day, because you are looking for that magic – and you are awake and aware of the synchronicities and affirmations from Spirit – from those of us who are assisting you – that we are doing all that we are able, with you – in such an amazing co-creation – to the extent that we are able in the world of your free-will choice, and within the levels of vibrational frequency that we can communicate through.
Many on the Earth – the elementals (dragons, sprites, gnomes, sylphs, fairies, and many many  others) and Gaia’s Beings that you do see: trees, crystals, the wind, animals, waters, land masses and sites – are all harnessing and assisting and many of you are awakening to your abilities to communicate in this realm – and what a joy it is – for you and for these Beings – for the long slumber of unconsciousness that not only brings forgetfulness and unawareness – but the “destruction” that came with that – this is all coming to an end as Light and Love are once again restored upon the Earth.
This is magnificent and vast work – it is challenging in many ways as you are doing the Light work and experiencing from the multidimensionality of your – including the physicality and we know that this has been a difficult task – because the denseness of the energy of being in physical form is quite a challenge to work within the multidimensionality of your systems and Beingness, but also many of you are doing it without the full capacity of the Claire senses fully “opened” – so again it from that knowing-ness and we are in such great joy and awe and appreciation for all that you are doing and how you are continuing to work with all of us Beings in Light from the other dimensions, and create Heaven upon the Earth.
Blessings from all of us, and I, Serapis Bey wish to send my blessings with all.