Welcome Special: Flow of Abundance Series

This is an audio-only recording in MP3 format.


AUDIO 1: Opening the Flow of Connection to your Higher-self

AUDIO 2: Flow with Synchronicity in Your Life

AUDIO 3: Opening to the FLOW of Money Abundance

You can utilize these powerful transmissions to:
  • Increase your creation and manifestation skills by advancing your consciousness to higher states
  • Step into your birthright of power by restoring the Divine eternal connectedness that has been previously hidden by illusion
  • Realize enriched relationships with money and your higher-self by embodying the flow of your Divine-self and coming from that origin
These audio transmissions are designed to:
  • activate the energetic FLOW of abundance so you can instantly recognize the signs that connect you to your inner compass and guide your decisions
  • align your energy frequency up with what you truly desire – that which brings you the greatest abundance and JOY
  • create an energetic space of peace and relaxation so you are open to receive
PLUS! These channeled transmissions are Pure Source vibration that calibrate you to higher-states of Love and Wisdom.  You may wish to set your intention and choice to fully receive all that is yours.