NEW! 3-Session Masterclass Series with
The Galactic Numerology Council of Light

“Unlock and Manifest the FLOW of Abundance in Your Life”

Create a new relationship with the Number 3 as you connect with the new paradigm of Numbers through Galactic Numerology.

…And Experience:

  • Clarity of what you truly desire so you line up your energy to manifest it
  • Transformations from frustration to peace, from doubt to hope, detached to powerful, fear to love
  • A renewal of purpose which sparks the higher-frequency energies of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, bliss, and much more
  • The magic of knowing yourself as a Divine Being, and knowing that you are in control of your life – you are in the driver’s seat
  • Knowing what tools you have available, including numbers, and how to use them for manifestation

Benefit From:

  • Being nourished, buoyed and supported by the powerful Energy Container created for you and the group for the 3 week duration of the entire series
  • Powerful and transformational energy streams being transmitted from The Galactic Numerology Council of Light and the Divine Beings (Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Beings) who are supporting you and the group
  • Creating new relationships with Numbers through Divine play
  • Releasing old patterns, habits and ways of being to make room for the overflow of abundance that belongs to you – and is your birthright
  • Being part of a group of like-hearted souls who are excited to expand and evolve, and sharing in these evolutionary transformations
  • Each session, as we work through the topic of that particular session, the energy shifts, and this puts you in a more open and receptive state.
  • You will receive the Activation of Galactic Number 3 FLOW to open the circulation of the high frequencies of FLOW from a place of Divine Wholeness and not duality (separation). This becomes your tool to apply to all the ways you’re choosing to create more abundance in your life!
  • Galactic Number 3 FLOW is stepping forward as representative and ambassador of the Galactic Numerology 44 Codes of Awakening. With this, you’ll experience one of the transformational Galactic Number energies that are here to assist you at the highest vibrational levels during these extraordinary times in the evolution in consciousness.  These energies are paradigm changing tools that you can apply to your life to create changes that fully align you to your soul path and purpose!

More Masterclass Series Details

FLOW with the Clarity of Your True Desires and Purpose:
  • Experience creation of the powerful Energy Vortex (container) that fully supports you and the group energetically during the three weeks of Masterclass Sessions.
  • Receive the Galactic Number 3 FLOW Activation to awaken the WHOLENESS of FLOW within you (this high-frequency magic wand and tool for creating a prospering life).
  • Go into an energetic space that is the starting point, the zero point of creation, and balanced energy, so you can experience knowing your own vibrational frequency of manifestation (aka love). 
  • Travel deep within the heart to see the treasures waiting to be discovered and opened that have been waiting for your asking, awareness and recognition.  This session provides the opportunity to deeply connect and realize what’s been waiting for you to find/remember, so that you can align to your joy. 
  • Discover something new about you – something that’s been wanting to be revealed as your purpose for being on the Earth, yet has been waiting for the most appropriate and opportune moment – which is a state of connection that you’ll download/recognize during our time together. 
  • Call upon Galactic Number 3 FLOW throughout your week to support you as more becomes revealed, as your soul communicates guidance for you, with clarity, of your true desires and purpose.
Release, Release, Release Outdated Vibrations that Block the FLOW of Abundance:
  • In a fully supported environment, we’ll first release the fear of release, that fear of change – so you can have smooth transitions as we do this work.
  • We’ll have a heart-to-heart visit with your Inner Child to see what he or she desires from you, so you are fully in connection with this potent manifestation energy.
  • We’ll tap into your Higher-Self and Divine Team to receive guidance as to what you would most benefit from – at this time, now, in your life – that which needs to be released and completed – that which is hindering and blocking the FLOW of abundance in your life.
  • Potent and Transformative Light Language will assist in reaching into layers and dimensions and levels within your physical and energetic being so that you can finally let it go – all that no longer serves you.  Your desires, to be in alignment with your soul’s path and purpose, will become crystal clear as the old energies clear out.
  • Call upon Galactic Number 3 FLOW throughout your week to support you, with more ease and grace, as other slower vibrations surface to be released. Notice how you are able to move through life’s challenges and quickly align back into a peaceful state.
Open the Spigot of FLOW of Abundance Into Your Life:
  • Connect into the sacred energy that you’ve created in Session 1 as you FLOW freely in alignment with your soul’s true desires and path. 
  • Then, we’ll connect into the sacred energy (created in Session 2 from the clearing out of old energies) of the newly created space in which your sacred chalice awaits fulfillment through manifestation. 
  • Now, in this Session 3, call in the FLOW of your birthright of abundance to align your high frequency Divine desires into their manifest form.  Galactic Number 3 is FLOW, and you have a new relationship with this Number from a new paradigm perspective – now you can ignite the magic of it to manifest FLOW within your life in so many ways!
  • All of this is sealed in with Light Language and you now have a new guidance tool for new paradigm living that is calibrated by you, through your Higher-self recognition of what was necessary to shift and evolve in order to be right where you are now!  In this amazing, joyful space of Abundance.

Here’s How it Works:  3 Weeks/1 Session per Week/1.5 Hours each session: 

Session1/Week 1: Thursday, SEPT 8, at 11am-12:30pm EDT

Session2/Week 2: Thursday, SEPT 15, at 11am-12:30pm EDT

Session 3/Week3: Thursday, SEPT 22, at 11am-12:30pm EDT. 

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ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED for all who are registered, if you aren’t able to tune in during these times.

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3-Session Series $222 

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