The Eagle-eye View on Ascension

by | Feb 7, 2021

On a walk with my friend Cathy in our local forest preserve in the late afternoon we saw the Eagle couple that we eagerly look for on each walk! We had walked past the area where they were perched in a tree off in the distance when I got a “knowing” to turn back and look – and with many, many trees in the area my eye was drawn to where they were sitting in the branches. I squealed with laughter and pulled on my friend Cathy’s arm and said: “Look – there they are!! The Eagles are in that tree!” I was delighted to see them and to have the opportunity to channel a message from them:

Dearest Eagles,

Thank you for inter-dimensionally communicating to me so that I would turn around and look into the distant trees from the area I’d already passed –to call me to turn around and see you both sitting in the bare branches of the tree off in the distance.

And, as soon as I spoke a “Hello” out loud (excitedly) to you, I immediately got your response (as I do in the form of chills of confirmation) – so thank you!!

You’ve come to this forest preserve recently, and we’ve seen you near the nests where the herons built their community. I ask you more about why you’ve come to this area and what wisdom you’d like to share with us at this time.

Yes, Dear One, we saw you and your friend walking by and we know you’ve seen us on other occasions recently and we see your Light – both of you – a radiant Light we might add, and so you shine brightly as you walk upon the path and we are happy to find you as well when we are in the area.

We have come to this preserve and have found the beautiful nests of the herons and do know Dear One that although we nest here, there is no animosity from the herons that we have “moved in” so to speak (laughs). As there is an “order” to how things happen with us the bird community in this physical plane, we do not have emotions of duality that you have, and we do what we need to do and the herons do what they need to do. It’s all very neutral, you see, all very “it is as it is”. And we love that there is an excitement for the “sighting” of us, the herons, other birds, creatures of the land and marshes. It is a serene place within the busyness of the outside world of the roads, shopping malls, office building, homes.

We have come here at this time – as we are called to watch over and direct as the evolution of the planet is speeding up – as the ascension of Gaia is evident within the land and the beings who live on her body: the land, air and water. We are having our “eagle eyes” upon the distribution and flow of energies that are coming onto the Earth from the “heavens” as you say: from the high frequency Light that is beaming in and is being grounded in and anchored by you, other Lightworkers, dragons, nature’s trees, the rocks and crystals of the earth, the waters and many, many more. There is such an enormous amount of energies coming in and we are here to watch and even guide the process. We ourselves move energy with our mighty wings as we fly – as do many of the birds – especially those with large wing spans – although each and every one of our species plays its own role in a beautiful way.

We mate for life as you know, and so we work together in Divine Union so you will most often see both of us together. We can be referred to as “directors” in our role in being in this particular place at this time, and we work with other eagles, with the trees and in other dimensions to do our part in this magnificent evolutionary process. What we observe on the physical plane is amazing to see – as we see points of Light – such as yourselves and others walking and riding upon the myriad paths.

And yet, this is one forest preserve that is connected from an evolutionary standpoint to all the others. The tree root systems, fungi system, ley lines are all interconnecting and so we see how the flow is unfolding and occurring. There is much going on here on the physical plane as well as the 5th dimensional plane and many others as the grand orchestration of the ascension process is happening – and it is, Dear Ones! Even as the 3rd dimensional construct is playing out within the “human” community, more are awakening and the shifts are happening at a rapid pace. What was once a very dense energy holding and grasping for “power” is dismantled and this will continue to work itself more into Wholeness.

When will the New Age fully blossom? That is determined upon how much light and love is anchored and expressed by each human each and every moment. The time for finding sovereignty is each soul’s goal so that each is living from their own heart and not giving power to others. To accomplish that, many are still required to release deep-seated fears that have been programmed by the collective (by choice – all choose what to believe as their own truth-even if it’s unconsciously). This is a huge leap for many because hiding behind fears has been a way to avoid self-love, which is the ultimate goal for each soul. Fears create what we will call “excuses” that are used to avoid the hard work of self-love. Barriers surrounding love in so many ways are required to come down, so that love in its Divine state of Wholeness is fully anchored in and shining brightly.

This is the hard, tough, challenging soul work/growth/evolution that still needs to be completed by many. And, it IS happening Dear Ones, we are amazed at how much has shifted and evolved in just a short span of time here in the physical plane. It’s also so heart-warming to see the beauty of connecting back to that self-love which is truly discovering the DIVINENESS and complete connection to Source – that which has always been there, but needed to be remembered and reconnected.

We’ll continue to “keep an eye out” for all that’s happening – and look for you on the trail and we’ll connect again soon! Thank you for connecting with us so that we may share these words through you – a Divine and beautiful channel of Light and Love.

Love, The Eagles