The SPHINX Transmission of Wisdom and Hope

by | Nov 11, 2021

Welcome to this channeling post. 🤗

I took this picture on the most amazing journey to Egypt with my mentor and friend Danielle and her husband Friedemann and a group of beautiful, fun adept Masters and soul family members.  The energy of love that radiates from The SPHINX is beyond what you can imagine – supportive down deep into the depths of your Being.

And, as there is this channeled message from The SPHINX that is full of nourishing vibrations of love, hope and ancient wisdom being unlocked as you read this transmission – there is also the energy I’ve embodied from physically being there that’s also embued into the channeling of this transmission.  It’s a quantum experience of benefitting from the sacredness of this site on the Earthstar and all that richness and depth of soul expansion.

All of channelings, guidance and wisdom for myself and clients have been ones of hope, cheering-on, clarity and filled with so much love.


Me: What Divine wisdom would you like to share, Dear SPHINX?


There are many, many pieces of wisdom that are pouring down upon you from the stars, from the Source of the Divine that are keys to unlock your DNA strands and you are going through this process in each moment as you reside upon the Earth.  There are many streams and strands of Source Light and Love emanating out from you, other starseeds, the Earth herself: her rocks, crystals, trees, waters, blown upon the winds of dimensional time/space for the anchoring in of energies into the Earth grids and your own matrix blueprint.  

These frequencies are connecting from the galaxies and her planets, stars, moon and sun to sacred places, sacred sites upon the Earth, you are a sacred site, as well as places well-know as sacred sites and new portals and stargates that have and are igniting new sacred sites.  This is happening through the consciousness of the star seeds such as yourself, as you work together in co-creations for the consciousness evolution.  Many can see this happening, and it is indeed happening through this powerful focused intention and on a multidimensional level that is beyond what can be truly comprehended from the incarnate experience.

So know, Dear Ones, that your work is amazing beyond comprehension, and that your creations are moving energy to set all in place and in motion to bring about the 5th Dimensional Earth and beyond.  It’s what you’ve come for, and it is what you are doing and in your Being you are doing – as you are heart-centeredly committed to it.

We are assisting, watching, observing all of this and we say that you have moved timelines to create at a more rapid pace to bring into fruition and into reality the New Earth.  Gaia is bubbling with joy for all that has shifted upon her body, and continues to assist with all that is necessary for her Ascension and yours.  Know that this has and is already realized, Dear Ones, it is the reality that you’ve chosen as souls and as the collective Starseeds are anchoring it into the incarnate experience.

All that gets churned up in this process as the denser energies are surfacing to be transmuted is creating what some consider chaos, yet you know the higher purpose and are asked to continue to hold that highest vision of the 5th Dimensional Earth and beyond, as this is creating the path for it to actualize in the current Earth dimensions.  

You are creating the paths, Dear Ones – forging them by continuing to keep the vision – despite what is churned up in the process.  It’s as if you are walking easily and effortlessly though a tornado as it swirls up the dense energies to be released and brought into Wholeness, because you are walking in dimensions that go beyond the chaos, so you continue on your path and mission to forge that path of Light and Love that is connecting Earth’s dimensions to the Cosmic dimensions of the higher frequencies of Love and Light.  

Uniting all that has been previously perceived as separate is this path you are on and you are creating.  You are creating the Oneness that brings back clarity to see the joy, bliss and happiness that is the true Source of your soul and others who are choosing it.  It is the dissolving and liberation of the veils that have clouded your vision of Oneness, and now opens all of that to be seen – with the brightness of a thousand suns and beyond, the brightness that is the very Light of the Source of all that is.

With my Love and Support,