Getting in the Flow of Abundance with your Higher-self
and Synchronicities

Unleash Your Power to Manifest!

Experience peace and alignment with being a creative manifester, be in the state of receiving wisdom and intuitive guidance from your Higher-self, enjoy the magic of synchronicities appearing to assist you on your path of Ascension!

You can utilize these powerful transmissions to:

  • Increase your creation and manifestation skills by advancing your consciousness to higher states
  • Step into your birthright of power by restoring the Divine eternal connectedness that has been previously hidden by illusion
  • Realize enriched relationships with money and your higher-self by embodying the flow of your Divine-self and coming from that origin

These audio transmissions are designed to:

  • activate the energetic FLOW of abundance so you can instantly recognize the signs that connect you to your inner compass and guide your decisions
  • align your energy frequency up with what you truly desire – that which brings you the greatest abundance and JOY
  • create an energetic space of peace and relaxation so you are open to receive

PLUS! These channeled transmissions are Pure Source vibration that calibrate you to higher-states of Love and Wisdom.  You may wish to set your intention and choice to fully receive all that is yours.



Opening the Flow of Connection to your Higher-self

Can you imagine the vantage point of living your life from your own Divine guidance & wisdom?
Your destiny is created by you – this is your Divine Navigation System

Are You Tired of:

  • Feeling like you have to look to others for their approval and advice about what’s best for you
  • Not trusting your own intuition
  • Getting stuck in old paradigm habits and loops
  • Pondering the reasons for challenges that have surfaced in your life

When you’re connected to your Higher-self there is direction and consciousness around what you experience in your life.
Learn how being in the FLOW of this connection creates crystal clarity for following the wisdom of your own inner compass.

Here’s how you benefit from being in the flow of your Higher-self:

  • FREEDOM and Sovereignty: Reclaim it by accessing the flow of your own inner compass
  • CLARITY: You’re informed from the most Divine aspect of you: your I AM presence (aka Higher-self)
  • PEACE and CALM in being connected to the truth of your Divine self
  • JOY: When you’re in alignment with your inner knowing there’s no room for doubt or regret or fear


Flow with Synchronicity in Your Life

Learn to notice that what you deeply desire is showing up through synchronicities – significant happenings that
capture your attention – and then you recognize it and it lines up with your intuitive sense from your Higher-self.

Do you ever feel:

  • Like you’re going off in 10 different directions and wondering which way to go?
  • Have a deep knowing about what you must do but are getting conflicting feedback and advice from the outside world?

Here’s why it’s beneficial to notice and act upon synchronicities:

  • They spark your curiosity and joy by showing up as magical signs and signals (numbers, coincidences, etc) to give affirmation and reassurance
  • They assist you in making decisions to be fully connected to your desired path by showing up as gifts that your Higher-self and Guides are providing as support
  • They are pieces to the puzzle that you are consciously (or unconsciously) creating therefore pointing you in the right direction
  • They help you feel spontaneous with a deep clarity – so there’s a freedom of following the breadcrumbs


Opening to the FLOW of Money Abundance

Reset limiting belief patterns that have been creating your reality of fear and lack and learn about
the true energy of money and how to attract it to you

Are you ready to heal your relationship with money and be done with:

  • Feeling like money comes into the bank account and then goes out -and where did it go?
  • Having patterns of scarcity that have been handed down to you that are learned patterns?
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve wealth and abundance?
  • Pushing it away because you are caught up in the loops of lack and fear?

Restore your Divine connection to money:
Magnetize the energy of money by re-scripting and realigning to the energy of abundance so that you can:

  • Be at peace in your relationship with money
  • Increase your money flow: open to receive and have and circulate more money
  • Have clarity when making decisions around money from a whole new energy paradigm
  • Align with the Wholeness of Money to magnetize it to you (money is waiting for you!)
  • Restore your Money power to experience freedom, security and well-being
  • Flow with Money by resetting your belief system to the illusion-free new paradigm of Money consciousness
  • Transform old habits of control and instead go with the flow and actualize a more harmonious life

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