Welcome to April 2023 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

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Welcome to April 2023 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key dates, numbers, and cosmic energies, Galactic Numerology™ energies that are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in April 2023. See how this energy map helps set the stage for maneuvering and creating your life. During these potent and specific energies windows, you are given the opportunity to magnify your purpose and intention, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you! The key is to harness that power with Love!

Galactic Numerology™ welcomes you to this Month of April 2023 and is transmitting supporting and nourishing energies for you in this transmission.

There are an infinite amount of happenings under way in the energy realms, and here we bring specific highlights and key insights that flow from our vibrational streams with the Divine Cosmic Alchemy happening from and through Galactic Numerology™.  We also take a brush stroke to the surface, to acknowledge some of the many events and expansions happening within the cosmos and astrologically as well. All of this is being transmitted to support you as you navigate upon your life path, and it is our JOY and delight to assist you. 

April is the 4th month of year, and begins the second quarter of 2023. With the massive out-shifts and transmutation of the deep-rooted dense energies – especially with all of the flow in March including the Equinox, there is so much more space. The Number 4 supports the overflow of Divine bounty that is pouring into those wide open spaces.  Lots of space to be with higher frequency energies like love and compassion, joy and hope.  And, to be savoring and really feeling the joys of your life! This month is supporting being in the new high-frequencies of abundance! Retrogrades begin again later in the month as do eclipses, and they are expansive opportunities to keep the momentum going.  You have come so far, and expanded in exponentially Divine ways, so these cycles are always new opportunities to harness all that you Be.  April brings a depth to really experiencing life papably from a slower, thoughtful and heartful place.

April 3 Mercury moves into Taurus where it goes retrograde later in the month. This is setting the stage for solid communication that comes from exploring within the many dimensions and available choices, and coming to a conclusion that is precisely expressed.  This is great energy and great ways to be in relationship with others. Express with clarity, and listen intently – to others as well as your own inner messenger. Let your inner Divine voice flow and watch the overflow of magic express in your life!

And, on April 4th, comes the 4/4 Portal. This mighty and dynamic portal of 4/4/2023 is supporting you in being filled to the brim with the highest vibration energies of joy, happiness, bliss, contentment, excitement, hope, love and compassion – all that is fulfilling to you and for you. It’s about being open to receiving all that you are desiring, feeling it all showering down upon you.  Then, letting it fill you up, and really, really feeling the fullness of this abundance. Then, there is a spilling over and out from this place of high vibrational energies. You’re fulfilled, and all of this just keeps flowing, overflowing – out into the world. You are being called, more and more, to contribute in this way – as this is living in the energy of New Earth. This takes awareness and dedication – as it is all within you, and it is recognizing that with delight.

The mini-portal dates this month are 4/13 and 4/22, when you can ignite up these amazing 4/4 Portal energies and feel the sparks encouraging and providing momentum to whatever you’re up to. 

April 5 is Passover, and April 6th is the Full Moon in Libra at 12:34 EDT. Libra is about balance, scales of justice, harmony – so this energy is a continuation of the Equinox from just a few weeks earlier.  You may be feeling your footing a bit more now, as the Equinox was sweeping through, cleaning and clearing, so that balance is experienced. With the full moon’s illumination on your life, there may be places showing up to let you know that more balance is needed. There’s no hiding it in the light of this full moon, and some of these full moon energies are about completing what is ready to be completed, and to finish that which no longer brings harmony and balance to your life.  You may be noticing and seeing more truth in the outer world, and it can bring up emotions that could throw you off balance, if you focus upon the illusions or separation.  Instead, to focus upon living your truth, and seeing the changes that are creating new ways of living and being that are connected to the higher consciousness.  Focusing on the world you desire is the way to keep harmony and equilibrium, and to stay grounded. And, how can you bring that sense of solid footing to all areas of your life: relationships, health, work, and consciousness – and bringing balance of all these areas of life into the natural state of flow, as they interplay and interweave your unique life path. And to really feel fulfilled.

4/9 is Easter Sunday – emerge and rise up into the fullness of who you are as the Divine. Your soul’s goal is resurrection into the wholeness of your I AM Presence.  There’s celebration going on around the world, and your Higher Christ self is close to you, and assisting you to remember and connect to all of you, and to shine powerfully from your heart of purity, love and wisdom.

4/11: Venus in Gemini brings in a loving, feminine, bubbly, social, vivacious, and ever-expansive energy.  It’s a great time to join the party or to create the party, and to be in relationship of exploring all of the newness that is now able to be seen, to be perceived.  This gives a boost and lightness to seeing what is calling to you that’s exciting and new, and to sharing the joy of it with others.  Again that overflowing energy, and it’s a great way to send out those great vibes: meaning the energy of fun, excitement and joy – all higher frequency energies that contribute to the world.

And on 4/11: The sun and Jupiter are both in Aries, and there is much astrological research you can do to expand upon this conjunction, yet we bring it in to highlight the support of the positive, hopeful, and really seeing the shifts that are changing your life, raising you up into higher-consciousness, and how this is also happening on the world stage.  The older ways are crumbling, and the new systems are being built from the ground up to rise into a whole new way of living life upon this Earth.   Your part is to keep raising your consciousness, and dreaming the creation of New Earth into Being, in co-creation with the many, many, many others who are bringing forth new inventions, and cleaner and more natural ways to live life.

4/20: Sun enters Taurus, bringing about opportunities for pleasure, your passions and your interests, and for slowing down and savoring life – in other words, being in the present moment to experience each and every moment to the fullest.

4/19-20 is the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, and the 2nd New Moon in Aries this year.  This eclipse brings a quickening and stimulation to what is happening in your life at this time, and there is certain change that can bring forth a multitude of abundance, or resistance – depending on how you are flowing with it.  There’s been a lot of space so far this month to be in the present and grounded in your reality and experiences.  Now the pace picks up. There’s new beginnings in New Moons and Aries, and this is a time to call upon your soul’s inner knowing, and to step out into the unknown to forge and create new paths – with the confidence that comes from the personal power of inner connectedness that ‘all is well’.  And, all is well, because the path to New Earth, higher consciousness and a whole new world and Age are created – it’s about lining up to those frequencies by stepping out of all of the old paradigm ways of being, and allowing your Divine truth to be trusted, and then to follow it. Watch your world transform into bliss – and being in the states of overflow and surplus, and abundance.  Then all of the lack of the old paradigm is no longer in your consciousness or reality.

April 21/22 Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus. There may be familiar themes surfacing, yet it may seem different now, because you are different, you are evolved. This is a great time to slow down and reflect, and make decisions from a whole new perspective. There was just the quickening energies of the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse that immediately transitions to a settling energy now. Tap in to notice how you’re communicating with yourself.  Is your mind trying to get back into the driver’s seat and stir up old doubts?  If so, it’s a growth opportunity to let that come forward to been seen, transmuted and completed.  All of this soul growth has unleashed so much of your gifts and talents that have been hidden away, and now are so excited to be expressing in your life.  You’ve worked on letting go of judgement from the outer world, and being aligned to your own truth, and just checking in to make sure that you’re not in judgement of yourself.  Allow that overflow of abundance in all things in your life, including your new-found joys in ways of being in the higher octaves of your Divineness.

So much newness is being born upon the Earth, and the shackles and heaviness of separation are lifted, and so freedom is experienced in many more present moments.  This is a powerful energy of transformation and fuels the momentum to be filled – to the brim – with all that you are remembering is the Divine uniqueness of you.  And once filled to the brim, you begin to spill over and out – to emanate this Divineness, which is a contribution to all.  Remember you are always supported, and to call upon your higher self and guides to walk this path that is your life!

Enjoy all that this month of April 2023 offers. Our blessings are with you.

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Denise Ricard

Denise Ricard

Denise is an Ambassador of Light and Love for the evolution of consciousness, and to co-create the New Seventh Golden Age, to realize Heaven upon the New Earth.

She assists Lightworkers and Starseeds to fully activate their Ascension blueprint by providing the most advanced encoded Divine frequencies from across the multiverse. This empowers them to embody WHOLENESS – to actualize the state of Unity into their reality, therefore creating a life that reflects their truth and joy.

She is the Galactic Numerologist and transmitter of Sacred Number Energies, Divine Channel and Intuitive Soul Path Coach, a Licensed Quantum Light Practitioner, and transmitter of Sacred Codes through Light Language in all of its forms.

From her Cosmic Lineages, she works in co-creation with multi-universal Divine Beings of Light: Intergalactic Councils, Angels and Archangels, Dragons and Elementals, Ascended Masters, Crystals and Nature in all her forms. This enables her to contribute to others from the highest and most optimal evolutionary energies available for their expansion.