Welcome to August 2022 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

by | Galactic Numerology™ Monthly Energy Map

Welcome to August 2022 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

by | Jul 31, 2022

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key dates, numbers, and cosmic energies, Galactic Numerology™ energies that are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in August 2022. See how this energy map sets the stage for maneuvering and creating your life. During these potent and specific energies windows you are given the opportunity to magnify your purpose and intention, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you! The key is to harness that power!

Galactic Numerology™ welcomes you to this Month of August and is transmitting supporting and nourishing energies for you in this transmission.

There is much, much happening in the energy realms, and we bring some highlights and insights here, and yet know that this just touches the surface of the many, many activities and expansions happening within the cosmos.

August is the 8th month of the calendar year, and provides the energy vibrations of clarity, precision and accuracy when working within the energies of the heart space to create your most joyful life.

The 7th month of July provided the energy vibrations of transition and change, with opportunities for even more growth and development from all that has expanded in the impactful and potent month of June. So, there’s this powerful wave of energies sweeping through this year of 2022. What changes did you embrace in July, are you embracing now, being ever-present in your now-moments, that provide opportunities for you to take action upon, and to shift out of ways of being that are no longer supporting your evolution?

The month of August will really help you hone in and see with clarity, that all that has changed and shifted has brought you to where you are at now. Are you noticing being lighter and happier – freer?  Really look at why and how, all of what’s unfolding within your life, is showing your own true path, and what you’re here on the Earthstar for in this lifetime; your path, your purpose.

This first week of August, we nod and acknowledge the New Moon in Leo from 28th July, and that warm and courageous and fiery lion/lioness energy of transformation into the newness of what you are bringing valiantly into the world.  You are being a responsible soul – not from the old paradigm duality of responsibility and “having to do it”, but because you are on fire and want to do it, to be it.

You’re assisting, showing compassion, being caring and generous to yourself and to others. What have you created in this new moon, that is so crystal clear to you now, that it is indeed your next soul expansion, and that you’re stepping fully and confidently into because with this clarity, you know, you know, you know it is you, it’s what you desire, it’s in resonance with your soul.

August will be showing you all that you’ve shifted, all that you’ve created – with clarity – you’ll be gaining the harvest and you’ll see how things are connecting up now.  That’s a very important key of the energies of clarity, boosted in this month of August, that you can truly see the change that is occurring and how it is all connected to what you’ve been expanding.  There are no random events – it is all connected.  All are in connection, oneness.

And there is a rare astrological event of a triple conjunction of Mars, North Node and Uranus that happens this 1st Aug, bringing with it this unbridled energy to take action, and with Leo’s firey energy, you may feel finally ready to make the moves that are suddenly appearing for you to see so clearly, that it only makes sense to take action for change.  Momentum, momentum is the key energy.  This is a significant conjunction in a very significant time of this evolution in consciousness – everything must be broken down and rebuilt in a way never done before, building the New Earth.

August 1st/2nd and the Lammas festival, one of the 4 quarter Pegan celebrations, also known as LUGHNASADH , and as the Christians “Loaf Day” – all meaning a celebration of bounty and abundance and gratitude for all of it, and beginning of harvest season. It’s the halfway point between Solstice and Equinox, and from the focus of the energetic, it’s a soul festival & celebration, really recognizing with clarity the road already traveled throughout this year thus far, and the shifts and changes that have been accomplished through your diligence of focusing upon your soul’s desires calling to you.  And, giving thanks to your higher-self and guides for all of the encouragement and support, and seeing what you’re harvesting as part of all of your expansions. Seeing how this reflection of you is reflecting back to you with all of the gifts and treasures that are now in your life – and all of the blessings. This is seeing it all with clarity.

The Lion’s Gate is the Portal of this month on 8/8/22.  The Infinity Loop and symbol is magnified in the sacred shape of the number 8. This energy supports razor-sharp and crystal clarity, and realization and integration of the Divine expression embodied, encouraging even greater exploration of the multidimensionality of self.  The lion/lioness is the symbol of fierceness from a place of love – and stalking down, taking out all that is not love.  The lion/lioness is regal, and royal – not from a place of being “given” the title from one who decides from the outside – but instead as the birthright, the Divineness and sovereignty of distinction from the Creator Source.

And, for soul clarity, harnessing these beautiful lion/lioness energies to be in the stance and power of the truth of you, and creating your life with certainty and peace. Keep going, keep digging out that which no longer serves you on the path you are now on. Can you clear the path of anything that doesn’t really belong to you or resonate with you?  Then you just know what is yours, exploring with precision and focus all that is truly yours.

This Lion’s Gate 8/8 Portal is powerful, and you can harness the energies by creating a sacred space for yourself on this day, carving out time, being in nature, connecting with the earth, calling forth the feline energy within, getting to know that energy that is a part of you, and letting it nourish you. This is is a great time for connecting with your inner child, and going within your heart to assure that inner child that all is well. Check in and see if your inner child knows this, and if not, ask what is standing in the way – what illusions are still hanging on, because you and your inner child are one in the same, and are a great team of creativity in your life – so making sure the path is clear so those creative juices can flow.

And, the mini portal dates this month are: 8/17/22 (the month of 8, the day of 17 = 1+7=8, and 22), and 8/26/22 (8/2+6=8/22). These present more opportunities for you to revisit the tasks, actions, energies that you set into motion on 8/8, and feel really supported and buoyed on these days as well.

There are Master Number days this month of August with the 5-digit date sequence: 8/11/22 and 8/22/22 are double master days, and 8/11/22 is also the Full Moon date for August, which we’ll expand upon more.

These treasured double Master Number days on the 11th and 22nd occur each month in this year 2022, and are amplified energies of their base numbers, and really bring our awareness to them as repeating numbers that are magical, and often make us stop and pause in delight of the awareness of them.  On these Master Number days, perhaps listening to what your soul is calling forth to support changes and developments, based on that strong knowing of the infinite nature of you, and the belief in the guidance that is coming through loud and clear, and to really trust it. You are a spark of the Divine, and to be expanding into and transitioning into, what you are and what you desire, and to be overflowing with the gifts that you have to offer to the world is what brings you your greatest joy.

Utilize the energy of these Master days by being aware of what you are capable of, what gifts and talents you bring to the world, and take the action steps to bring those forth into realization, fulfillment and manifestation. And during this month of August on these Master Number days, really seeing the clarity, the distinctness and coherence of your soul’s calling, your soul’s desires.

So then, August 11th/12th brings us the Super Full Moon in Aquarius – whoosh! We are welcoming in the Age of Aquarius and the energy of Aquarius in this Full Moon at 19 degrees is all about freedom, cosmic connection, new ways of being, beyond the beyond. And, being grounded and connected to those around us that support us and those who we support is a part of this Full Moon in Aquarius manifestation energy.  In addition is the active and delightful Perseids Meteor Showers at this time. So, there’s all this so much bright illumination –  what is it shining a light on for you?

Perhaps taking time during this Full Moon to take inventory of where you’re at, and adjust accordingly – this keeps you on track and assists you in circumventing some of the possible roadblocks that could otherwise appear.  Your crystals may be desiring a boost as well to be in the moonlight, bathed in cosmic energies. Ritual and ceremony is great to do during the full moon – either with fire, candles, crystals, sound.  This provides a visceral deepening into the energies with awareness.

August 24th, Uranus joins the retrograde party so that there are now 6 planets in retrograde. This is the time – within these next several months of Uranus in retrograde – to let go of that which no longer serves you – the big stuff, this is about the big and deep lessons that are finally ready to be learned, appreciated and completed.  This frees up soooo much space, so much freedom becomes available when these denser energies that weigh us down are lifted off and released for transmutation – or sent back to where they belong – for many times, the energies being held aren’t even ours.  Let them go back to the souls to which they belong, so that they can fully participate in that learning, without being tethered to what you’re holding on to.  Feel the weight lifted, feel the lightness and joy that comes from that!

Aug 27th is a New Moon in Virgo.  The New Moon is a time for inner reflection, deep inner searching and finding of that which resides clearly within our soul. What is it thus far, perhaps this year that can be revisited to expand more upon, or to finally complete? These particular New Moon energies help us to experience more structure with what is coming through from Spirit, and organizing it into practical ways to live with what you’re manifesting.  Your inner world becomes your outer world, and this energy of Virgo helps to ground that in more systematically, so it feels like a natural part of your life. You’re then expressing your Divine self, and in return, giving in this very deeply spiritual way.

Again, ritual and ceremony is great to do during the all of the Moon cycles, and including this New Moon – in whatever conscious way you choose, and to set your intention with great detail, perhaps writing it down and placing it on an altar, or where you can review and deepen into it – as the month progresses and shifts into the new month cycle of September – and all that that brings.  This provides an innate deepening into the energies with awareness.

Enjoy this magnificent and clarifying month of August. Our blessings are with you. And our transmission is complete.

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