Welcome to May 2023 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

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Welcome to May 2023 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key dates, numbers, and cosmic energies, Galactic Numerology™ energies that are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in May 2023. See how this energy map helps set the stage for maneuvering and creating your life. 

Galactic Numerology™ welcomes you to this Month of May 2023 and is transmitting supporting and nourishing energies for you in this transmission.

There are an infinite amount of happenings under way in the energy realms, and here we bring specific highlights and key insights that flow from our vibrational streams with the Divine Cosmic Alchemy happening from and through Galactic Numerology™.  

All of this is being transmitted to support you as you navigate upon your life path, and it is our JOY and delight to assist you. 

We also acknowledge the many events within the cosmos, and you may be called to further explore the powerful astrological events and alignments of May 2023, beyond this Energy Map.  

The May 2023 eclipse energy of transformation supports all that is coming through, from the depths of you, as you awaken, remember and reconnect to the cosmic you. And the return of the retrogrades brings even more depth and reflection for specific areas of your life that are transforming right before your eyes.  During these potent and specific energies windows, you are given the opportunity to magnify your purpose and intention, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you! The key is to harness that power with Love!

May is the 5th month of year, and provides the energy vibrations of awakening to more and more of your Divine nature that is the true you.  There’s an alchemy that occurs as you discover more of your origins and your purpose here on the Earth at this time, because new dimensions of you become integrated and merged with your earthly self.

5, as a Sacred Number, shows up in various aspects of life: like, the 5-pointed star, which also shows up when you cut the apple through the center.  In the 5 points of the star there’s the top point – like your head, the two sides, like your arms, and the two bottom points – like your legs.  The star is in you and you are in the star – your are always in, and are, cosmic connection. And, 5 is the trail of the path of Venus, as she swirls in her beauty and love around the sun. It is the 5th Element of Ether or Akasha. And, there are the 5 platonic solids. And there is the universal scale of the 5 black keys on a piano known as the pentatonic. How 5 shows up as the Sacred Number for you is the unique aspect of it and how it contributes to you.

In traditional numerology 5 energy is an agent of change, adaptability, and thriving in the newness. So, with the Galactic Numerology dimension of awakening to those changes, there’s a stirring and revival which becomes the catalyst for transformation to occur. Galactic Numerology asks you to consider what your soul is asking to be awakened – to make the changes that open you to states of thriving, flourishing and prospering. What can you bring in that is new – that sparks excitement, and brings in that sense of freedom, openness and flow? For as you pull out of the ruts of sameness, smallness, hiding, or holding back – there is this renewed sense- then, of opening the doors to something new becomes even more than you realized it could be. Once you make that decision to step out of the sameness, you’ll be putting fuel into your life, and the newness will spring forth.

There is no denying what is trying to surface, as all of this ascension energy, these high-vibrational streams of consciousness, are waking up that which has been slumbering within. It’s a resurrection energy that restores you back into wholeness.  It’s not as subtle as it may have been in the past.  Your awakening is calling you forth to bring into being all that you Be – all that you are.  You are no longer operating as parts of you, but in wholeness. The separation paradigm energy is all around, yet it doesn’t have to be what you choose, because your soul, your higher-self, is calling for you to revive the Divine you.

As you awaken to the newness, tap into your inner knowing and see what it’s guiding you towards. Then, you’ll open so many doors in your life, and that creates the ripple effect out into the world. Everyone living the life that reflects the trueness of who they are – not what the outside world is dictating, that is the agent of change, that blows through the veils of illusions that have kept so many settling, dormant, and slumbering. That is all changing – and what are you doing to make that change happen for you?  How can you bring new adventures into your world and wake up to the JOY that is awaiting to spring forward?

May 5th is the 5/5 Portal. This powerful portal of 5/5/2023 is providing the energies for awakening everything that’s been sleeping. Maybe you’ve been wanting to deep clean and simplify your life, so that peaceful nature that’s been slumbering can surface once again as your state of being. Maybe it’s a friendship that wants to blossom once again – and awaken to the beauty of all that person is. Perhaps it’s that project that you’ve been wanting to start – because it brings excitement – not the ones that “have to be done”. Maybe it’s a relationship that has been waiting for awakening through encouragement, genuine and truthful – really sharing from the heart. These portals are magnified energy days – harness their power, momentum and support. And, then watch your life blossoming into the fullness and newness of all that you desire. Perhaps look for 5:55 on the clock, and see where else it’s showing up to spark your awakening.

The mini-portal dates this month are 5/14 and 5/23, when you can ignite these amazing 5/5 Portal energies and feel the sparks encouraging and providing momentum to whatever you’re up to.  Perhaps marking your calendar, or create a reminder to awaken something new in your life specifically on these days – and see what happens – watch the magic happen – because you are bringing consciousness and then action towards your desires. Awareness, consciousness and the harnessing of all that is made available for your expansion and evolution is the key, Dear One.

Our beautiful and bountiful galaxy with the dance of the planets and sun and moon always provide supportive opportunities for awakening. On May 5th/6th, the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings in powerful awakening energies that blow the lid off of anything that has been hanging on that no longer serves your path and purpose. This supports letting go of emotional and physical things that are no longer necessary for you and your life. And the cosmic energies are really helping you to dig deeper than ever before.

And, when you release what’s been weighing you down, it creates space, and a feeling of lightness – as there is no more dense energy hiding in the shadows. This Full Moon shines a light on that. The eclipse energies really amplify a rebalancing back to your true alignment. All that has been hidden away comes up to the surface for transmutation, transformation and release. And then, the natural order, the natural state of balance is restored. Balance, harmony, and alignment are your natural states – and these profound celestial events give you a powerful nudge as well as infinitely abundant energetic support. 

Taking great care of yourself in these energies smooths the path. Freeing up your schedule to assure that you are in a state of physical, emotional and spiritual fulfillment will create amazing shifts. And, nature provides so much support with this – perhaps making time for being outdoors for fresh air, sunlight, and grounding.

The Master Number days in May are: 5/11/23 and 5/22/23.

Using the energies of the Master Number days also brings an additional boost of support. Master Number 11 is two ones which together bring in Oneness, unity. And the Master Number 22 is supporting exploration of the deeper awakenings that happen within you as the high-frequency energies pour upon the Earth. 

You may notice your physical body more in some way these days, and knowing that, whether you’re feeling a boost of energy, or more of a fatigue or aches, whatever it is, know that it is your physical body adjusting to the Light streams that are changing your body from carbon base to crystalline base. Letting go of the worry that “something is wrong”, and instead rejoicing in the knowing that all is well. You are blossoming into the new you.  Again, we are encouraging you to harness the energies – instead of watching the swing go back and forth – and perhaps hitting you in its trajectory. Get on the swing – and go with the universal flow.

On May 19 there is the New Moon in Taurus, with a dawning of new opportunities – and a relief of the intense eclipse energies. This moon phase is a cycle of beginnings, and planting the seeds of what you’d like to manifest specifically in May 2023. Taurus is about rewarding yourself and truly enjoying the abundance that is your birthright. It’s a beautiful energy because when you harness it, you draw even more to you.  In this New Moon you might set intentions using the “I AM” so that you are in the energy of the present moment.  Then your intentions are energetically already manifesting.  Perhaps going through all areas of your life and intending your most heart-felt desires with those “I AM” decrees.  What is it that you desire to BE – which is in alignment with your highest path and purpose, Dear One?

Enjoy all that this month of May 2023 offers. Our blessings are with you.

The contents of this article are also published on the Crystal Wind website. See Denise’s dedicated page here www.crystalwind.ca/divine-cosmic-alchemy
Denise Ricard

Denise Ricard

Denise is an Ambassador of Light and Love for the evolution of consciousness, and to co-create the New Seventh Golden Age, to realize Heaven upon the New Earth.

She assists Lightworkers and Starseeds to fully activate their Ascension blueprint by providing the most advanced encoded Divine frequencies from across the multiverse. This empowers them to embody WHOLENESS – to actualize the state of Unity into their reality, therefore creating a life that reflects their truth and joy.

She is the Galactic Numerologist and transmitter of Sacred Number Energies, Divine Channel and Intuitive Soul Path Coach, a Licensed Quantum Light Practitioner, and transmitter of Sacred Codes through Light Language in all of its forms.

From her Cosmic Lineages, she works in co-creation with multi-universal Divine Beings of Light: Intergalactic Councils, Angels and Archangels, Dragons and Elementals, Ascended Masters, Crystals and Nature in all her forms. This enables her to contribute to others from the highest and most optimal evolutionary energies available for their expansion.