I communicated with the Gout weed:

Gout weed- you have grown all throughout Mom’s garden and the gardens in neighboring yards, and despite pulling you out you seem to grow ever more invasively within the ornamental flowers of the garden.  It’s created quite a frustration I must say and would you be willing to leave the garden?  Gout weed, who are you, and what would you like us to know about you?

And the Gout weed speaks:
“We are happy and industrious and we are a thriving community! We grow in the toughest of conditions and flourish.  Yet, we are known to the human species as a “weed” that is a nuisance!  We find this entertaining because we are beautiful and our flowers are like lace and the daintiest of beauties!  But human kind fights against us becasue we just keep growing and going.  It is who we are and what we do.  We are a community and like ants – also industrious and working in community – are not welcomed in your space. 

Humans have set up garden “spaces” and set up expectations of what should and should not grow in their gardens.  We can see that is a 3rd dimensional behavior/construct – for no one controls any other, and all beings on Earth are here to prosper.  So we find it humorous and we like to have fun – not poke fun – that you are asking if we would leave the “garden”.  It’s not in our nature to “leave” for we are a community.  And if we cannot thrive in your gardens, than we shall take our soul spirits when we are snuffed out and we will create in nature elsewhere.  Snuffed out means that we will not thrive without sun exposure.  We ask that if you wish for us to be snuffed out, please do not use chemicals that will disrupt our Mother the Earth.  She is so kind and patient to all beings who grow and thrive and in some cases abuse her body.  We ask that you not use chemicals to stop our community her please – just use a tarp cloth over us.  This will snuff us out and we will continue on as a thriving community elsewhere.  We do not give up easily – we will tell you that!! :)”

Me:  Thank you Gout Weed – all that you say makes perfect sense.  Garden are the 3D construct of places borders or expectations or controlled limits of what is to grow where.  In a reality of Wholeness – all thrives in complete freedom and joy. 🙂