Dearest One, if you are here then you may have been called by your own dragon or by the dragon consciousness to connect on a deeper level to work with the dragons in Wholeness for the evolution in consciousness.

This Dragon Session is for you if you:

  • Have felt like you’re connected to dragons in some way and wish to deepen that connection on the energetic level
  • Have met or would like to meet your personal dragon friend by activating keys and codes of this consciousness within your energy fields
  • Are interested in working with the Dragon Kingdom to co-create the shift in consciousness
  • Are interested in re-awakening the dragon essence within your own energy system to bring about the creations of your soul’s mission for this lifetime
  • Are so excited to feel the FREEDOM of taking flight by remembering other dimensions of your multidimensional self with the dragons

How it works:

As you are answering your soul’s calling to do the work that you’ve come to do in co-creation with the dragon kingdom, you receive access to their energies and they to yours, so you can work together to usher in the New Age and expand your consciousness.

One of my gifts and masteries is working with dragons as Dragon Mother Activator (as they describe it).  This means that as I channel their essence and speak and emanate Light Language in the DRAGON DIALECT (multi-dimensional energy stream) keys and codes which you hold within your energetic field are unlocked. 

In choosing this activation you set your intention for this connection with the dragons, then open to receive.  And it’s always two ways – giving and receiving happen simultaneously. This is a co-creation.  I channel through the bespoke energy streams that your Higher-self is calling for in co-creation with the dragons as per your path and mission. With my Light Language transmissions I am the bridge for you to access the energies that you, as an awakening Light Being, are asking for.  I am not doing anything to you – there’s no power over or power under in the Universe – you are choosing to receive what I am channeling – that which you are calling forth.  And what an exciting and magical experience it is! 🌟


Dragon Activation Sessions

In this session we will set up an energy vortex (container) to receive and integrate the activation energies, frequencies and vibrations that channel through for you. In this container we set up the intention and direction of this activation so it is bespoke for you. Then the activation begins and Dragon energies stream through Light Language for you to receive and integrate. We’ll have some time for questions and application of the energies as I channel for you. ALL SESSIONS DONE VIA ZOOM.


45 minutes

What others are saying about their own Dragon Activations:

“I wanted to let you know how precious the Inner Dragon activation has been. It was a magical experience: while you established contact with my inner dragon through the Dragon tongue (Light Language), I could see a black organic stargate/dragon gate appear on your forehead. You continued inviting my inner Dragon and I was drawn towards your forehead, until I was literally pulled into your head. I felt myself turning and turning in your brain.area, and slowly a Dragon Gate appeared on my forehead as well. It is organic, breathes, opens and closes.

I found myself again in front of you, still speaking to me in Dragon tongue. You beautifully described the creation of my dragon body, my scales, my head, my sand ochre color, my wings growing and growing, my tail very long. When I as my Dragon was brought into conscience existence you invited me to fly. Instantly I found myself flying sky high above the Temples, using my powerful wings for the first time. It was an unforgettable experience to feel my inner Dragon so intimately, and even more to experience your passion, your joy, your vivid Dragon eyes playing and having fun with me throughout the whole activation. You are a true Mother Dragon Creator! Thank you so much to have shared this part of your divine genius with me. Forever grateful”.

~ Sabrina (Belgium)

“Integrating all the dragon energies. I called them forth on the plane ride back home when there was turbulance – and it worked! When I do call my dragon in, he seems to be around and happy to help. I am new to this (dragon work).”

~ John (Australia)